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Friday Favourites 15th - 28th April 2017.

Friday Favourites 15th - 28th April 2017.



Oh mumma what a busy fortnight I've had? Easter saw not just 3 family get togethers but also every friend under the sun visiting home on different days and whadda ya know I've been to the same cocktail bar 4 times in 10 days. 

In the past 14 days I've managed to see 5 groups of friends and my life has been all the richer for it. It's been busy, I've done several hundred miles round South Wales and I've eaten very terribly but it's been glorious. Let's hope May kicks off just as lovely!

1. Judgement Day V.

Easter Saturday saw Judgement Day V in the Millennium (don't lie, we all know it's still the Millennium) and I had tickets with Joss, my brother and his fiancé. Judgement Day is where all 4 Welsh regions play eachother in the Pro 12 and they market it as a big event, freeze tickets at a tenner and host it in Cardiff and it's just a really good day out. 

We went in early, we had a Nandos, we watched both games and each picked a team (I didn't win) and then we topped the night off with a Pizza Hut and a McDonalds. An ideal day out for this motley crew of family. 

2. A Busy Day, A Busy Evening. 

I picked my brother up at 11am on Easter Saturday and we got home from Judgement Day at 9.00pm. Instead of doing what normal people do and go home to chill the eff out, I dropped Joss off at home, took my brother home and the turned straight back around (scoffing a cold McDonalds) and went out. 

I met up with 2 beautiful school pals for a coupla drinks and a massive catch up and can we plz talk about the quality of this phone camera? I got home at midnight and that's only because I opted to go home to sleep. 


3. Easter Egg Winner. 

You're never too old for an Easter egg hunt in my opinion and I'm sure you'll agree. So admittedly this picture isn't JUST my haul but it is only mine and Joss' so we'll be good for chocolate for the next 6 months at least. 

We had our first egg hunt for my niece on Easter Sunday morning (I had a cute 6.30am start after my busy Saturday FYI) and she bloody loved it. I then hot footed it over to have Easter lunch with Joss' extended family and we had another egg hunt and guess who won? I found 17 out of the 36 eggs and yes there were children involved and no I did not relent. Chocolate is important to me. 


4. We Are Family. 

As well as Joss' family, my family were down for Easter weekend, cousins and aunties and uncles everywhere. I was so hideously busy all Easter weekend I didn't get to spend as long with them as I'd have liked but on the bank holiday Monday we got together, several generations under one roof and we had chips and ham and made butties. It was one of them meals when there's too many people round the table and we were on desk chairs and stools and perched two abreast and it was excellent. 


5. Old Friends, New Coffee Shops. 

So that new cocktail bar I ended up in all week? Turns out it's a coffee shop by day and does excellent breakfast. 

Again with the impromptu plans, a few school friends messaged on Monday night asking who was home and by 9.30am on the Tuesday we were drinking tea and waxing lyrical about life. It was a few hours, not long enough but they came to see my new house and we caught up on all the news and then I took one of them home, back to a house I used to visit every weekend and haven't been to in years and we sat in the car and chatted for 2 hours. 


6. Reliving Student Days.

Oh lawd another friend? When did I get so popular? 

Last week (seriously though that's flown by I definitely thought it was this week) my old flatmate from university came across the river from Bristol to see me and my new house and I despair over the fact we haven't lived together for 2 years now. Like wot. 

We spent the day together and I did 293827746374637 diversions to get her to and from the station because lol road closures but we caught up and we ate a hideously large dinner and we went dream home shopping. Just look how adorbs. 


7. Home Sweet Home.  

Sooo the other thing we did when I met up with my flatmate was an afternoon in IKEA. As if I haven't been there enough in the last few months we went for a wander and a mooch and to get all the inspiration and can we all just take a moment for the pink set up? 

I was very reserved and restricted my plant buying IKEA ritual to a mere plant stand (which is mahoosive and currently holds a v. big new plant cos lol didn't have anything to put on it). 

8. Reunited. 

My brother went away for a long weekend with his family last week so we didn't have my niece on the days we're normally her child care. We were reunited on Wednesday and she told us all about her 'holidays', what she'd seen, all the things they did and then she sang the alphabet for me which I didn't know she could do. 

She's the absolute light of my life, she's such a laff for a one year old and she appreciates my choice of footwear too. She's the bizz. 


9. Friday Nights. 

Normally I don't include my Fridays on my FF posts because I'm normally on it and have it published by now but doing it this late means I have time to include what I did today. 

I've mentioned my friends from my Foundation year out wayyy back in 2011 on the blog before and this evening we met up and had a Frankie and Bennys and sat in cars in a carpark of an industrial estate like we always did when we were fresh faced 19 year olds and it was bliss. 

Hopefully next time we can all make it and we won't have to send sad snapchats of food to those who couldn't come. 


10. The Squad. Again. 

Oh god I may as well just include them every week shouldn't I? The blogging baes Whatsapp group has officially been renamed to The Squad With No Name (ironic no?) and I swear I haven't done any work the past few days because they distract me too much.

From wedding dresses to emoji conversations to the night Mel, Sarah and I racked up FOUR HUNDRED messages for the others to look forward to in the morning, they make me cry with laughter and this screenshot was just one of the millions I could've captioned. 


11. Pro Blogging. 

Last week I completely decluttered my office, got rid of 938429348375 bits of rubbish, re organised a bit and cleaned it and it's done absolute wonders for my motivation. Suddenly I've got loads of tasks ticked off my to do list and I've 3 illustration projects on the go and I am full of blog motivation. Ok so I am publishing all my posts at like 11pm every night but I'm doing loads behind the scenes like broken link fixing and allll the flatlays. Long may it continue. 


12. General Election 2017. 

Ok so bit of a weird one but it's more my election blog post that's my fav rather than the election itself. I worked really hard on my blog post to make it impartial and all about the facts and I'm so pleased people have enjoyed it, found it useful and shared it. 

It took a lot of work and a lot of research and I'm going to continue to update it as time goes on. Oh and the illustrations were a lot of fun too. 

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend loves and if you need some inspiration on how to spend it, you can always pop along to this handy lil post I have. 
















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