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How To Save Money & Make Extra Cash.

How To Save Money & Make Extra Cash.


Unless you're blessed with a really great job or some super generous parents or summin I think it's safe to say we're all strapped for cash a fair bit of the time. 

As a self employed person, all my money from work goes straight back into my business for more stock and shipping and taxes and all fun things like that. With that in mind, all my living money has to come from me and most of the time that means a lack of disposable income and a need to save when I want a weekend away. 

Here's a few tips from an old hand on how to make the most of yo cash. It's nothing radical, it's all pretty self explanatory but they work. 

1. Take It Old School.

You would not believe the cash I raised last year by doing some cleaning and dog walking. They genuinely started as favours for neighbours and by the end of the year I'd saved literally hundreds that completely paid off Christmas for me without worry. 

It doesn't have to be a lot but if you're doing a paid favour for someone and you save every fiver you're racking up the cash and helping someone out so you get all the good feels too. 

2. 365 Days Of Savings. 

I started doing this last year and admittedly I failed because lol I don't have a regular wage but if you do, this way of saving is amazing. 

Basically you save an extra penny a day so on day 1 you save 1p, on day 2 you save 2p etc etc etc so by the end you're saving £3.64 on day 364 and finally £3.65 on the last day. It's easy at the start and difficult at the end but overall you should save over £650.00. 

Just Google 365 Days Saving Challenge and Google images throws up loads of sheets you can print off to track how far you're going. 


3. Surveys For Dollah. 

This is my biggest tip and one I can't believe I didn't do before. I first read about this on Bethany Georgina's blog in a v. similar post to this one when she mentioned YouGov as really good site to sign up to. 

YouGov is a survey site commissioned by 294927348326 people and the name you see cropping up all the time when quoting polls, especially now as we head into election season. Basically it's a survey site you sign up to for free and then when there's a survey available, you get a link sent to you by email. 

There's a variety of topics, a variety of points awarded and a variety of time frames in which to complete them. I've done 25 point surveys for 5 minutes and 200 point surveys for half an hour and now there's an app which makes it 32874837538764673 times easier to do. Basically you can trade in your points for a gamble on a prize draw where you might win 2000 quid or you can save your points and when you get to 5000 points you earn 50 quid into your bank account. 

I've made a coupla hundred on these surveys, they take about 6ish months to rack up enough points if you do nearly every survey but it's free cash in my eyes and worth it. 

4. The Smashable Jar. 

I mean you can get some super cute ones these days so there's no excuse really is there because you won't want to smash it. 

We have one and we just chuck in all our loose change under 50p, anything we have, if it's a 50p coin or a quid it goes in the car for carparking money but everything else goes straight in the jar. I don't know how much is in there but it's bloody heavy and it all adds up. 


5. Monestise Your Blog. 

Welllll you're probably here because you're a blogger so may as well make it werk werk werk for you right?

Invite people to advertise with you, install advertising from brands, sponsored content, giveaways, affiliates, shop with me pages....anything you can add to your blog to make it work for you and give you a lil bit of extra cash can only be a good thing. 














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