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Easter Gifts For The Chocolate Hater.

Easter Gifts For The Chocolate Hater.

The alternative Easter egg gift list. 

The alternative Easter egg gift list. 

I know it's hard to believe but there are actually people in the world who DON'T like chocolate. I know, I know, I should've warned you to sit down. 

I myself can actually take or leave chocolate on a day to day business. Don't get me wrong a cheeky bag of Malteasers or row of Dairy Milk may often pass my lips but long gone are the days I have a bar every night. And that is 100% down to the fact that I know it won't be as good as Easter chocolate. 

I can't be the only person who thinks (read, knows) Easter egg chocolate is farrrrr superior to other chocolate. Give me a bar of Cadbury's vs a Cadbury's Easter egg in a blind taste test and I'll be sure to tell you which is which. 

The last few Easters as well as the Easter eggs I've been gifted I've also done a sneaky stock take of the £1.50 eggs in the supermarkets because lord knows I need more of that eggy goodness all year round. 

But enough of my Egg obsession, for those of you who aren't so keen or those of you can't eat chocolate this year - here's a few cuter, alternative gift ideas to send to your loved ones as a little hint in the right direction...

1. Easter Bunny Silver Earrings - £15.00 via Not On The High Street.

2. Green Wobbling Easter Bunny - £4.50 from John Lewis. 

3. Duck Egg Blue Jug - £5.00 from Wilko

4. Hello Lovely Mirror Plaque - £5.00 from Wilko

5. Easter Egg Hunt Sign - £3.00 from Matalan. 

6. Speckled Egg & Feather Wreath - £24.00 via Not On The High Street.

7. Pack of 4 Mini Chicks with Glasses - £1.00 from Wilko

8. Hello Spring Wreath £8.00 from Paperchase.

9. Easter Wobbly Chick - £3.00 from Matalan. 

10. Happy Easter Hanging Wooden Sign - £2.00 from Matalan. 

11. Set of 3 Plant Pot Windmills - £5.00 from Paperchase. 

12. Duck Ornament - £10.00 George at Asda. 

13. Personalised Easter Mug - £9.00 via Not On The High Street.

14. Jones The Egg & Runny Yolk Clock - £6.00 George at Asda. 

15. Rabbit Gold Pen - £8.00 from Paperchase.

16. Bunny Dinner Candle Holder - £19.50 from M&S

17. Wire Egg Basket - £12.50 from M&S

18. Small Yellow Straw Duck - £4.00 from John Lewis. 

19. Sheep Doorstop - £8.00 George at Asda. 

20. Happy Easter Hanging Eggs - £10.00 from John Lewis. 

21. Nest Tealight Holder - £7.50 from John Lewis. 

22. Easter Wobbly Bunny - £3.00 from Matalan

23. Talking Tables Easter Card Making Kit - £5.00 via John Lewis. 
















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