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What's this? A creative illustration business based blog post on Twenty Something Meltdown? It's been a while since I did one of these.... 

After the success of #MarchMeetTheMaker, a creative challenge to delve a little deeper into your business or creative practice, I was on the hunt for a new Instagram challenge to keep my business account live and I remembered that April marks the start of another 100 days of....whatever. 

For the past few years #The100DayProject has been an Instagram sensation for creative people looking to get into the habit of a little summin summin. Designed by @elleluna the challenge this year takes part from TODAY April 4th up to and including July 12th. 100 days for you to get your teeth stuck into something creative, something that might form a piece of a art or a habit or get you better at something. 

The premise of the challenge is you 'announce' your project and your unique hashtag on social media (something along the lines of #100DaysOf_________) and then you post daily and include the #The100DayProject hashtag too so we can all see it. I found some of my absolute fav creators and makers via this project last year and I'm excited to do the same this year! 



Last year I announced my project would be #100DaysOfStepping, a challenge that I posted on my business Instagram account and then wrote about when it finished over here. The premise of it was to create a 100 day diary of where I was, what I was wearing and I just loved the idea of having 100 squares side by side of my little feet and where they stood. 

And when the project was over last year I was really pleased with it. I loved the idea, I still love the idea and that's why on the very day I finished last year, I decided for #The100DayProject2017 I would be completing the very same project again. 

Now hear me out, I appreciate that doesn't sound overly creative. 

I loved the idea behind last year's project, I loved the way it turned out at the time but when I look back and reflect, I don't think I executed it in exactly the way I had imagined it in my mind. So this year is a do over, a chance to take on a project I love again and make it better. 

I'm starting with a new hashtag, #100daysoffwis (from where I stand FYI), I think it kinda conveys what I am trying to do a bit better and there's nothing that quite says fresh start than a brand new never before used hashtag is there? 

I'm going to be posting over on my creative account @gwennanreesillustration for a multitude of reasons;

  1. It's where I shared my project last year and I am excited to compare the two. 
  2. It's my creative account and this is a creative project. 
  3. I neglect that account so bad and have been aiming to improve it for a while now. 
  4. I don't want to fudge up my blogging account theme. 

Let's be real here, number 4 is the most important. 

For 100 days I'm not going to be posting anything else than from where I stand but there's a few changes I want to make to last year. 

This year I intend to make my 100 Day Project a two sided coin - I want to use it as more of a micro blog, in the same way I do with my blog Insta with more details on what I've been up to and then I also want to use it as a way to improve my photography game. 

Some of the photos I posted last year were hasty, they were an after thought when I realised I hadn't posted that day or done anything interesting and that's the reason the overall affect isn't entirely what I wanted. This year I want to use the project as a way of improving my photos by planning them better, getting the compositions right with the right accessories and formats. 

#100daysoffwis is the perfect amalgamation of me; a chance to document my life like I do in my blog but in a more creative and visual way. Ideal. 


















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