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Social Media Stats; March 2017.

Social Media Stats; March 2017.

Social Media Statistics- March 2017. 

Social Media Statistics- March 2017. 

There is something so satisfying about writing these posts even when, like this month, nothing has really changed. It doesn't matter if I have an ace month, crap month or something in between month - writing these posts and tracking my stats is a satisfying job all the same. 

I actually track my social media stats in my Bullet Journal but it's more of a goals orientated page; I have my aims for my channels outlined and then I just  update it when I hit milestone after milestone, it's cute but it's not an actual tracker....hence these posts. 

Hopefully you all still enjoy reading them. 


I think it was the end of February when I started really trying with my Insta. I always have done to a certain extent and I've had a general theme since last August but the end of Feb and all the way through March I've just been trying 10 times harder.

I've been curating it more, making sure I only upload really high quality images, sticking to a general colour theme and then merging seamlessly into another one...I just love it a bit more and I feel like it's paying off. Even though the algorithm is wank.  

I've been wavering around 970 for a month now but as I type this I'm on 185 and am desperate to hit 1K cos it's a really boring number to be stuck on... 


Yasssss your girl gon done it - I did 5 whole Twitter chats this month - insert celebration emojis here-. I know it's nothing, barely one per week but the fact I found time to do any at all was a bloody miracle. What's weird though is my engagement and impressions is lower but I had a browse and think I've worked out why. 

Just because I took part in a few chats which normally bumps my engagement and stats right up, I haven't done that much promoting. I struggled to fill my Bronze advertising slots weirdly this month so spent a lot of time promoting them rather than my blog posts and I think people got bored of it understandably. 

I also saw a LOT of people having a cleanse of their Twitter accounts and I don't think I made the cut on some of them, plus a load of follow unfollow bots left my company so I actually had minus followers for ages up until the last few days of March, even though I had about 10 new followers a day. 

Anyway I tweeted about 100 times more than February which was down to the chats no doubt and my impressions went from 72K to 78K. I had LITERALLY the same number of profile visits which freaked me out a bit and around 90 more mentions which again, I attribute to the chats. Other than that because of the mass unfollowing, I only had 41 new followers even though it was actually loads more which took me nicely to 3200 of you cherubs. 


Like last month, my viral pins slowed down a bit and I think it's just a faze, they tend to go in and out of fashion and that makes an impression on my blog stats. I started pinning more, a few pinning sprees and it makes a difference for sure, not only to my following but to my inspiration all round. 

I had over 100 new followers this month taking me up to 2496. Again, because my viral pins were less viral I went from 180 million impressions to 157 million. It's a hard life I know I know.  


Oh lord I don't even know what to think about this platform at the mo. Obvs there's been all the Twitter drama and nobody is happy with them claiming posts as their own. Then I saw it was fixed, then I saw they still had another copy of your posts that they still claim, I have no idea if it's all going to blow over, I know it's massively difficult to get your blog removed completely.... idk what to think. But I got 15 new followers and now I have 450. Whatevs. 

Google Analytics;

Well this was a bit of a shocker, apart from when I had my mad month of 64K and then things returned to normal, for the first time probably in a year - my stats went down this month. I've been having 1000 pageviews a day generally for a while now and this month shock horror I went down to around 850/900 a day. Nightmare. (I'm being sarcastic plz realise this). 

In March I ended up with 28,100 pageviews from just over 16K visitors which puts me achingly close to 350K overall pageviews. It's all dandy, all gravy, all normal over here. 

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Pinspiration; April 2017.

Pinspiration; April 2017.