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A Seasonal Update.

A Seasonal Update.

It's the middle of March already people and if you haven't felt it already, Spring has officially sprung. Before I had my rebrand I wrote two seasonal updates about why I loved Autumn and Winter (read here and here) and, well why get rid of something that ain't broke.

So without further ado, here's 10 reasons why I was keen for Spring to get under way this year. 

1. Spring Flowers. 

There is nothing nicer than getting some colour back in the countryside after a grey winter where everything has died. I always think Spring is officially here when daffodils start sprouting on the side of the road and Tesco start stocking them for a quid in the run up to St David's day. 

2. Shedding Layers. 

Not in a weird snake shedding skin thing. Ew. As Spring takes hold and the weather racks it up by a few degrees I will not take a coat out with my at any opportunity I can. And yes, it might not be quite warm enough but we have to try and pretend summer is on it's way right?

3. Clocks Changing. 

Spring only means one thing and that is the changing of the clocks and later nights. There is nothing nicer than the day you walk out of work and the evening is still light and the sky is turning pink on the drive home and you can just smell warmer days and BBQs and sunglasses on the horizon. 

4. Sunshine. 

Ok so April showers is a thing yes and we have been known to have snow when it's closer to Summer than Spring but if the changing of the seasons means one thing, it means the hope that the weather is brightening and the sun is coming. Whack the sunglasses out, wind the windows down and get 2015's summer bangers on because the weather is taking a step in the right direction. 

5. Trash TV. 

Autumn and Spring have one thing in common and that is the start of a new season of crap reality TV. Don't forget every show climaxes in a Christmas party and a Summer vacation respectively and that means, it has to start somewhere. I'm taking Made In Chelsea, TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Kardashians, Real Housewives...you name it, it's starting again and you know what you'll be doing every evening for the next 3 months. 

6. Easter. 

Chocolate eggs. Chocolate bunnies. Treasure hunts. Need I say more. 

7. Pastel Nail Varnish. 

As I mentioned in my Autumn update, seasonal makeup and seasonal nail varnish is a right of passage for any twenty something. We have berry shades in Autumn, sequins in Winter and Spring means pastel colours, it means mint and ice blue and nudes and baby pink and suddenly you're feeling like a fresher version of you. 

8. Floral Homeware. 

Nothing says Spring like a new set of bedding or something floral for your home. Luckily the high street and the supermarkets have tapped into this trend in a BIG way and they're on hand to help you part with your cash and freshen up your living room. (Have a look at this Mother's Day post and this Easter shopping list for some inspo).

9. ALL The Animals.

All the birds that left us in Winter have flown back, all the hedgehogs hibernating are out of their leaves and rustling about the garden and there are 2740927583-450284826178612 new baby animals born. There is nothing that will lift your spirits more on a Spring morning than seeing a baby lamb hopping about or cuddling a new baby chick. Cuties. 

10. Spring Cleaning.

The clue is in the title. Spring means Spring cleaning and even if you aren't such a fan of the cleaning aspect, the sorting and the decluttering is good for the soul and means you have made extra room for all the new things you want to buy. Win win. 

Let's try and appreciate Spring a bit more this year and not just wish it away praying for Summer days and holidays. 

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