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How To Have A Productive Saturday.

How To Have A Productive Saturday.


I am a huge fan of Saturday's. It might actually be my favourite day of the week and I like to think I make the most of them (unless there's rugby on in which case I just sit in front of the TV and don't do anything I'm about to list in this post). 

I think Saturday's are the best day of the week to get shit done. I know after a heavy Friday night or a hard week you might not want to get up and get productive on a Saturday but it is definitely a good day to get cracking on that To Do list and get organised for the week ahead. 

Here's my top tips for having a productive Saturday.

1. Write A To Do List. 

I am a massive fan of To Do lists, I can't function without them, I can't remember to do anything without them and I love the satisfaction of ticking something off. Start the day with a nice new notebook and your favourite pen and write down everything you want to achieve in the next 24 hours. And first of all, you can cross of 'Make A To Do List'. How's that for satisfaction? 

2. Get A power Breakfast In. 

The best way to start your productive day is with some time to yourself and a treat. Make pancakes, have a big bowl of all your favourite fruits, have a bacon buttie, get a brew on and take half hour for you. Catch up on your blogging gals on Bloglovin, have a scroll through Insta, have a browse at some new clothes online but make sure you don't take your brekkie back to bed. Force yourself to get up and eat at the table or take it outside, don't tempt yourself to get back under the covers. 

3. Get Your Food Shop Done. 

I am a firm believer in getting your food shop done all in one go rather than dip in and out all week. One it saves on the petrol to get to the supermarket but also you're more likely to think about your meals and what you need for the whole week. Go to the shops early on a Saturday morning (afternoons in the supermarket are sheer hell) and go after breakfast so you're not hungry and you won't buy crap food just cos you wanna eat. 

4. Clean Your House. 

This is so boring but I think doing one big clean on a Saturday sets you up for a lovely week of bliss in your house because let's face it, you don't fancy putting the hoover round when you've just got back from work. Get the duster out, wipe down all the surfaces, hoover the entire house, do the dishes, change the bedding and the towels and you will thank yourself for doing it in one big go in the long run. 

5. Do The Laundry. 

Again, same principle, empty the laundry basket all in one go instead of drips and drabs over the week. Make sure your uniform is done for the week ahead, put your bedding out on the line (or an airer if you don't have the luxury of drying in fresh air) and put out some clean fresh fluffy towels. I generally do two loads of darks, one load of lights, one of bedding and one of towels/dishcloths etc in one day and whilst your leccy bill might hate you for that one day, you'll be pleased knowing you don't have to do anymore mid week. 

*This only works if you have enough drying space/tumble drier and you have enough clothes to get you through a week.

6. Prep Your Food. 

I am an avid fan of those people who bulk make food and freeze it and hey presto you have all your meals for the week but in real life, who actually has the time and resources for all of that? However, prepping some meals can really save you in the week. Just little things like chopping a whole load of fruit and adding some natural yoghurt and separating it into lots of little portions in tupperware is a simple yummy snack, making a bit pasta bake on a Saturday night and putting some in the fridge is the ideal running late whack it in the microwave meal for tea and making a big batch of potato salad or something like that is a good side to that lunch you're taking to work on Monday.

7. Have A Sort Out. 

Whether this Saturday is the perfect start to your Spring clean routine or not, having a small sort out every Saturday is a really good habit to get into. It doesn't have to be anything major but just sorting out SOMETHING will clear your head and clear your home. Clear all the junk off your desk, get rid of the DVDS you have double of, shred all the paperwork you no longer need, have a clear out of your wardrobe...whatever it is, if you don't need it, get rid and then list it on ebay (you might make some more money to buy new things yay!)

8. Make A Plan For The Week Ahead. 

Get a pretty diary or planner out, bring down the wall calendar, whatever you have, make a plan for the next week. Write down everything you need to do in the next 7 days so you don't forget, schedule in all those meetings you have or the drinks with friends so you don't double book, set yourself a reminder to book that doctors appointment or renew your car insurance... Setting some time aside on a Saturday to organise your week ahead will give you a better idea of what you're doing, what you need to remember and how busy you are so you can block in some cheeky me time. 

9. Treat Yo Self. 

You've had a busy productive day and what better way to keep motivating yourself is there than treating yourself? I am a huge believer in treating yourself to small things regularly than putting yourself on a shopping ban and then cracking a month later and spending £100 quid. I used to do it in uni all the time and having something new regularly stopped me splashing out and buying ALL THE CLOTHES. It doesn't have to be anything special, I'm talking a new mug for Monday morning, a blouse from Primark for work, a new notebook to create your To Do lists or write that novel...even just a big bar of chocolate to take the edge off that mid week slump. Get online, pop down to town, treat yo self and you'll be more motivated to work hard if you have a reward coming at the end of it. 

10. Have A Lazy Sunday!  

The BEST part of having a productive Saturday is knowing you have nothing to do on a Sunday! Sunday's are made for staying late in bed, rolling about in your freshly made sheets (thanks Saturday organisation), eating bad, going out for long country strolls and catching up on that Netflix series. Now how can you REALLY enjoy such a lovely Sunday if you hadn't got all your chores done on Saturday? 

Have a lovely weekend for an even lovelier week! 

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