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Friday Favourites 20th - 26th February 2016.

Friday Favourites 20th - 26th February 2016.

Happy Fri-yay yo! This week has been an unseasonably sunny one, the type of one where it's still light at 5pm and you start to get the hint that Spring might be coming after all this year and you can maybe think about those types of summer nights where the sun is going down and you're driving with the windows down at 9pm and you've got shades on and music blaring....

But yeah, not quite there yet. But a girl can dream right?

1. Friday Night Entertainment. 

Can we just talk about Friday night on Channel 4 please? Is there any better way of spending your time from 9-11pm than watching Gogglebox followed by The Last Leg? Two of my absolute favourite programmes back to back starts the weekend off for me and I saw last night that next Thursday starts a double bill of 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown followed by Alan Carr; Chatty Man. So yuh, Channel 4 is on a mad one right now.  

2. Peak Adulthood. 

So it comes to no surprise for any twenty something that adulting is difficult. You've got the post uni blues hard, you have bills to pay, you have to save for things like mortgages and house deposits and you've suddenly realised how expensive cheese is. But then sometimes, just sometimes, something happens that makes you think 'hey, being an adult actually has its perks'. Last weekend the other half had some well deserved annual leave, just three days, nothing flashy, we didn't do anything exciting, just had a weekend at home but we also went to Tesco to grab some food for Saturday night fajitas. Whilst we were there we happened to spy the deal they have on Easter eggs; I'm talking buy 2 (£1.50 each) and get 2 free. Yes. Free. So needless to say we bought 12. Obviously. Spending money is difficult, but when you remember how 6 years ago you were still getting pocket money off the rents and asking to have credit on your phone and now you've got the disposable income (uhm) to buy 12 Easter eggs, you feel as if you've made it. 

Also here's a cute little insight into my larder so there's that for you. 

3. My Baby Boo. 

The love of my life, my little car finally has a name after nearly 4 months of ownership. It's been a while but I wanted to make sure I thought of something perfect (god help me if I ever have to name children). I toyed around with Dolly (Parton obvs) and Matilda (Roald Dahl) but in the end I decided upon Noelle. I knew it was a girl car, it's colour is far too feminine to be a boy and I decided I wanted something wintery because I bought it on the 10th of December. So a quick Google, a play around with the likes of Holly and Winter and Noelle was born. Happy days. 

*this is actually a model of my boyfriend's red C1 not my cutie. If anyone wants to hit me up with a baby blue one I'd be forever grateful because I cannae find one anywhere. 

4. Spring Has Sprung*.

*Well not quite but hey, it's coming. 

I already touched on this in my intro but this week the weather has really broken away from all the storms and the sun has shone and there's even been the odd day where you can get away with just a long sleeve top and a coat not 1249823758357893794 layers and a hat. I promise I'll try not to include rugby or my niece in EVERY Friday Favourites but really, spending time with that 8 month old cherub is the highlight of every week. The past 7 days I have seen her twice and both times been on lovely sunny walks round Cardiff, of which both times she decided against the buggy and that in my arms nosing at people was much more acceptable behaviour for a baby so my arms are in serious pain (how can an 8 month old tiny little thing be so heavy??). 

5. My New Studio/Office. 

It has happened!!! After my brother moving out in October and me moving out in December my mum agreed it made sense to make my bedroom a spare room and turn my brother's tiny box room into a studio come office for me. And 7423047930743975 months down the line it is finally done and I am finally in and it is beauuuuutiful! I am doing a proper tour of the space in a blog post in early March so I won't go into too much detail but it is SO nice to have a home for all of my things rather than just on a bedroom floor. 

Have a wonderful (hopefully sunny) rugby filled weekend all, see ya on the flip side! 

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