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Instagram vs Reality.

Instagram vs Reality.

Instagram is a fake version of reality; we are all well aware of this. We all embrace this. We all continue to edit our Insta grids within an inch of their lives and we continue to make it the best possible version of our lives. 

But we also all embrace the fact we KNOW it's fake, we all laugh about it, we joke about it, we embrace the fact we all do it and now celebs are getting on board too with the likes of Fearne Cotton posting real 'mom life' Insta posts. 

With that in mind, here's a few Insta photos vs what was actually happening. 

What You See: Selfie game strong, hair on fleek, all wavy, makeup half decent, work wear shirt on point. 

What You Don't See: My niece spat spaghetti all over me at dinner time. 

What You See: Lazy mornings, cute floral bed spreads, standard blogger cliche. 

What You Don't See: MAHOOOSIVE pile of washing because rain = no drying time. 

What You See: Standard #ootd post, white background, needs a bit of editing but on the whole, generally a ok. 

What You Don't See: Still in the throws of painting, dust sheets down, cat involved. 

What You See: Blogger cliche blooms. 

What You Don't See: They've been going 3 weeks and now all the ones at the back have died...

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