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Why I Am Resisting An Instagram Theme - For The Time Being.

Why I Am Resisting An Instagram Theme - For The Time Being.

Instagram is my absolute favourite social media platform. There I said it. I am getting more and more into Twitter and that's where I am most successful but it is Insta that has my heart. 

Instagram themes I think are either something you love and strive for or something you actively avoid and for the moment I sit in the latter of the groups. I say for the time being because I love love love looking at grids with themes and maybe if my following and my engagement doesn't continue to rise, maybe I'll consider creating my own theme. I'm fickle like that. 

But for now, I am resisting for my own account. My problem with themes is that you have to stick to it once you have it. I schedule posts for Instagram but the photos I take are all honest and true to my life and from my experiences and I don't want to restrict myself to my content. 

I wrote a post on how I edit my Instagram theme, which you can read here, and although I generally stick to the same routine, it isn't overly edited. One thing I do like about themes is the chance to over edit. I love grids that really over saturate on everything or grids that bleach out the whites but I don't want to have to limit myself to that edit because if it doesn't look good on one image, that image doesn't fit with the theme and therefore that image doesn't make the cut. 

When you look at my Instagram account, you might be forgiven for thinking I have a theme if all you see is my first 6 or so photos. I generally find I stick to one kinda theme (subconsciously and not by intent) for a few photos and then move on to something else. At the moment I have a generally pink vibe flowing through my last few images whereas if you go back to 10 days or so ago it was decidedly green. I like that. I like that everything kinda matches because my 'theme' is my life but I also like that I can throw something completely curve ball in there that I love and it really doesn't matter. 

I realise with this post I run the risk of people with themes commenting and tweeting me like "no silly, you can have a theme and not have to restrict yourself" or what not and that's great, please please comment and tell me how to have a theme and keep your Instagram identity and freedom! 

(Likewise if you have a theme and can't get out of it and hate it plz also comment)

For now though, my engagement is still rising, my following is still rising so it looks like I'm doing something right - or people are just nosey! (This is why I follow 80% of people.)

You can follow me on Instagram and see my lack of theme over here! 

To end, here are a few people I follow who have themes that I love and who I think are absolutely killing with it. 

Kirsty Leanne 92

Let me know what you think of Instagram themes in the comments below! 




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