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My Month In Photos - February 2017

My Month In Photos - February 2017

My Month In Photos - February 2017

My Month In Photos - February 2017

Ooft isn't it nice that February is a short month? Those few days we lose from other months makes me feel like the whole month is about a week shorter and I like it. I don't reeeally like January or February and I feel like the quicker March and the start of Spring comes the better. 

This past month has been BUSY. You might have seen me complaining about it. A lot. It's nothing exciting, it's just life but it means my work and blogging schedule has been all up in the air and I'm keen to get settled again and get into some sort of routine. I have some blog posts planned out, I have ideas and I'm happy with my Insta and I want to just get cracking and girlbossing again. 

What I Did;

I did a loooooot of housework this month from FINALLY unpacking all our things to painting to decorating to hanging curtains to buying all the boring things you don't realise you need in a home until you realise it's not there. We've had a few deliveries of IKEA furniture and freezers and bits and bobs and we've finally put together all our stuff. Pretty much every weekend Joss has had off we've been sorting out our lives and done countless trips to Currys and the supermarkets and getting allll the homeware. I think the end is finally in sight. We pretty much have everything we need I think and now we just need to crack on and finish the painting which is taking an age. This month was also my Mum's birthday and Valentine's Day, both of which we celebrated after the event and we've spent a lot of family time with my brother and his family the last few Sundays which has been cute. In the middle of the month we went to watch Wales play live in Cardiff which, despite the absolutely shocking way we've been playing, the atmosphere was insane and it was still a good afternoon out. There's nothing quite like live rugby. 

What I Watched;

Unlike last month, we FINALLY have a working TV. After a month of not having a telly at all and a year of not having one that actually had a working aerial, we have a smart TV with apps and Netflix and an aerial and a super swanky recording box and it's bloody ace. Naturally we've seen all the 6 Nations matches so far and I've seen a bit of football when it's been on too. We finished Taboo which was probably the best thing I've seen on TV for ages and Gogglebox and The Last Leg make my fav Friday night. I'm one episode into the Moorside which is bloody ace and I am naturally all caught up on the shite reality TV nobody else in my family watches, except KUWTK which I am furiously binge watching atm. 

What I Worked On; 

Work has picked up again this month after the slump that is January which happens every year. My Valentine's Day cards did well, I sold out of a few and have sold out of a few of my products since as well. I sent some discount cards down to #BloggersAreUs after Ashlee kindly got in touch so I hope lots of people place lots of orders soon and I can sell out of some more and make exciting new stock! I'm busy at the moment with commissions too which is always my favourite thing so I have some prints on the go, a personalised book and I just met a deadline for Chester Racecourse who I worked with last year which you can see soon. 

What I Chatted About;

I hate this segment of this monthly round up, I may have to stop including it if I don't get my act together and start actually doing Twitter chats. I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm sure - when I am this snowed under, it's Twitter that takes the fall. I am still obsessed with Instagram, I make the effort as much as I can with my blog but it's Twitter that I don't bother with when I don't have the time. I've barely done any chats this month again and I feel so out of loop with the blogging world. I feel like I'm missing everyone's news, like I don't even know what's trending or what chats are good anymore. I really do need to sit down and do a few chats a week to feel connected and inspired again but I know if next month is as busy as the last, I just won't.  

What I Blogged;

Blogging took on a weird form for me this month. I feel like I was too busy to knock out any solid content yet I blogged for 20 out of the 28 days and got a really cracking reception for my ultimate blogging content. I think the problem is I wanted to blog so badly I just wrote any old shit, anything I knew wouldn't take too long and too much research and whilst I don't think it's the worst content I've ever produced and actually I am quite happy with some of it, it certainly wasn't my proudest month. I think what it is, is that I've been so used to a blogging schedule, and I know how poorly it went when I didn't stick to one, having a month where I just write what I fancy talking about on the day is really alien to me now. I have a schedule back on track for March and what I'm hoping for is a day where I can knock up a few posts so that I have a day or two to fall back on, not sitting down to blog at 10pm for content for that day (like I am now) and no photos or research to accompany it. 

What I Bought;

I don't think I have bought anything for myself this month, no clothes, no stationery, no jewellery.....and I'm itching to get my hands on something. Anything. Ever feel like you go on a spending ban and it just doesn't work? It seems I have unintentionally done that and even though I have probably spent more the past 2 months than I have in my life, I feel like I need something for ME not the house. First world problems. This month has been much the same as the last. We've been to a shop of some description every few days during Feb for bits and bobs for the house from the last few pieces of furniture or decorations to the random stuff you come across needing like tools and string and sellotape. Now I have a ginormous kitchen too I have also stocked up on some new utensils and crockery and it's all a delightful mis match of colourful stuff. You can read more about some of the things I snapped up here. All come highly recommended. 

I hope you're all full up and cosy from Pancake Day and ready to get cracking with March and bringing Spring slap bang into the world. Cue daffodils and lambs and easter eggs plz. 








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