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22 Kardashian GIFs To Sum Up Your Everyday Life.

22 Kardashian GIFs To Sum Up Your Everyday Life.

Love them or hate them, you have to admit the Kardashians make a good old GIF and whilst their life is unlike any other family on the planet, I am of the opinion they're just like us at the end of the day...

1. How you feel about 99% of people you interact with on a daily basis. 


3. When Kanye knows how the game goes. 

4. When you have to speak to a stropping sibling and/or parent on the phone. 

5. When you actually turn up to an event with friends. Would legit rather be in bed. 

6. When your mum's friend comes round and you have to make polite conversation over a cuppa. 

7. Dealing with your partner in an argument. I win bitch. 

8. When you accidentally end up on a night out and it ain't actually half bad. 

9. When your parents say something completely insane and you're just like...

10. No explanation needed. 

11. When you've taken one too many selfies but you just can't waste this good hair day. 

12. When you and your siblings are pissing about and your parents catch you. 

13. Dealing with cold callers. PLZ STOP RINGING ME.

14. When summer is coming and you remember you're not beach body ready. 

15. Your face 99% of the day. 

16. When you know you're basic but you just accept it and move on with your life. 

17. Trying to justify the small fortune you've just spent on makeup/a haircut/clothes. 

18. When your bestie splits up with her shitty boyfriend and you ain't sorry.

19. Dealing with pets, babies, younger siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends. 

20. When you have those friends that don't text back for 138927498365 hours. Unless you are that friend. 

21. When everyone around you is talking about things you don't know or understand so you just pipe up with something you've made up. 

22. When Kim just gets you on a bad day. 



Thank you Kardashian/Jenner's for all you have given us -insert praise emjoi here-


*All GIFS from Giphy.com





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