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15 Sins Of A Girl.

15 Sins Of A Girl.


It might have escaped your knowledge but I am a 23 year old girl. This whole blog is based on the fact I am such a human and it is all I know. 

However, this blog is also the platform to admit to some sins that I think I, and a lot of other 23 year old girls, have committed. 

I hope you can all forgive me. 

1. I couldn't give a shit if my eyebrows were on fleek or not. As long as they don't meet in the middle I'm good. 

2. My nail varnish looks perfect for 48 hours until I inevitably peel it all off. 

3. I don't change my bra every day. 

4. I dry shampoo my hair for far too many days than is socially acceptable. 

5. I always vow never to wear red nail varnish again because it stains my nails. And then I always wear it again. 

6. I can't wear foundation because I have a skin condition. Yummy. 

7. I have worn clothes I have taken from the washing basket. 

8. I own 4723857839573897210381 pieces of initial jewellery. I don't wear any of it. 

9. I don't always brush my teeth before bed. I disgust myself, I know, I know. 

10. I don't like reading beauty blog posts. 

11. My hair clogs the plug hole after I've had a shower and no I don't clean it out. 

12. I own 2473895679723616253612547923059435 pounds worth of clothing and I always end up in navy high waist super skinny jeans. 

13. I am not a fan of co ords. 

14. I find something I love in New Look/Topshop/H&M etc etc etc and then ALWAYS go to Primark to buy it. 

15. I'm an absolute dick when I'm on my period but god forbid anyone ever call me up on it because DAMN GINA as if I'd be that stereotypical. 



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