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How The Multiple Accounts On Instagram Update Just Changed The Game.

How The Multiple Accounts On Instagram Update Just Changed The Game.

Last week Instagram added the update we've all been waiting for; running multiple accounts from one app WITHOUT having to log in and out. 

If you read yesterday's post on the truth on running three Insta accounts (link over here) I have been waiting for this update for a LONG time. I run one account for my illustration business, one for my blog and I also have a private personal account which is just for my friends and family. 

The absolute bane of my life was forever logging in an out of my app to control my different accounts and post images on the correct one, frequently leading to posting on the wrong one or logging into the wrong account by mistake. When I first logged out of the personal account I have had for 4 years to run my illustration one, I couldn't remember my username and password to log back in. It was NOT ideal. 

These days, it's not uncommon to run more than one account, loads of my friends do it because quite often, you want to keep your personal account and you business separate. Prospective clients don't want to see a photo of what you've had for dinner as much as your family don't want to see your promos and that is becoming frequently more common. For me, running 3 was a no brainer as my personal account had always been private and these days is increasingly more important as I don't want my niece splashed all over the internet, whereas my friends like to see how she's doing or I can send a photo to her mum. When I separated my business from my blog, having the third account became more important and this is why the new update is a god send to people like me. 

With news on how Twitter is going to filter our timelines to things it thinks we like rather than chronological and Facebook STILL doesn't have a dislike button, Instagram have really changed the game with this update. 

Whilst it had a few teething problems to get going at the start (in the end me and my friends all updated the app, deleted it then reinstalled to get it working), here's how to get your multiple accounts all on one app. 

  1. Log into one of your accounts, it literally doesn't matter which one. 
  2. Click on settings and scroll down to 'Add Account'.
  3. The app will redirect you to the familiar log in screen where you can sign into another of your accounts. 
  4. Once logged in, you can add up to 5 accounts. 
  5. To switch between accounts, on your grid your name at the top will become a hyperlink with a little drop down bar attached, this will display all the accounts you run and you simply click on the one you want to upload or view it's feed.

It really is ridiculously simple but absolutely changes the way in which I use Instagram and I highly recommend it for those who do run more than one account. 

Now if we can just get clickable links involved the world will be a better place........




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