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My Favourite Blogs.

My Favourite Blogs.



These little shout outs to the people I appreciate on Instagram etc are making my soul all happy and making the festive season seem a bit more, well goodwill to men (women?) and all that. It's nice to be nice and to just say a cheeky "I love what you're doing, you go Glen CoCo".

So here's my list of my fav blogging gals at the moment for your enjoyment!

1. Hannah Gale. 

I feel *a bit* fan girly because I mentioned Hannah's 'blogger' jumper in this Christmas wishlist post and but how could I not put her blog at the top of my list? Hannah's was the first blog I started reading and sorta got me into the whole thing and I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon it. I think someone shared a list post of hers on my Facebook last year and hey whadda ya know, suddenly I'd wasted a whole university afternoon giggling at her words and now I have a good old catch up sesh reading her content every few days.

Best For: Lists, homeware inspiration, long rambly posts to really get stuck into, mental health and cute cats.


2. My Milo & Me. 

Some people might know Susie from My Milo & Me as the significant other of Olympian Greg Rutherford but it took an embarrassingly long time for me to realise this. I can't remember how I was directed to her blog but whoever it was did me a favour because My Milo & Me is bloody hilarious. Don't dismiss this blog as 'another mummy blog' because trust me it's readership isn't limited to other mothers. Susie is SO sarcastic and swears a lot and writes a lot of pretty laugh out loud funny stuff and if that isn't enough for you, her posts are also littered with adorable pictures of her son so there's that too.

Best For: Not sugar coating, laughing at the media, using her son for hilarious Insta photos, supporting smaller retailers and a good old Insta quote.


3. Lauren Rellis. 

Blogging is not this ladies only job and thus, when a post appears on my Bloglovin account under her name, it's like a little thumbs up from the world. Lauren absolutely just gets being a girl in her twenties and you feel all "THIS GETS ME" when you read a list or a post about why it's ok to take a break or how we shouldn't let the internet dominant our lives. Lauren writes a whole lot of content about living in London which I feel like people who also live there might just relate a whole lot to. Also her boyfriend is a photographer so her blog photography is on point.

Best For: Anything to do with being in your twenties, Food recipes, life affirming 'you got this' posts, travel envy and wanderlust.


4. Bethany Georgina. 

Bethany is my absolute fave read for shopping and bargains. It does help that we seem to share the same taste in clothes/homeware/makeup/stationary but seriously, her knowledge of sourcing a good quality cheap item is a god send to us ladies who have, ahem, less money in our banks than we'd like. She also does a really good capsule wardrobe round up and her photography is beautiful and normally includes some sort of amazing landscape/white interiors or a good old fashioned flat lay. Bloggers dream.

Best For: Stationary inspiration, bargains, gift ideas, holidays at home and the honest truth about blogging.


5. Emmie Leey. 

I started following Emmie Leey a few months back when she was working as cabin crew and jetsetting all over the world and writing all about and it whilst she no longer works there *sob* she still blogs about travel and it makes you want to just get on a plane and get out of here. Probably the most intriguing part of her blog is her updates on Alphabet Dating, a string of dates her and her boyfriend are trying, working along the alphabet. They're insanely creative (seriously, such good ideas) and they often include some sort of hilarious mishap and they make you aspire to be more creative than just have a date night in with a takeaway.

Best For: Travel (obvs), date night inspiration, a retro list, a tale about an anchor (niche I know but seriously, go read it) and scrapbook envy.


6. Dizzy Brunette. 

Corrie off of Dizzy Brunette is my latest find and was only added to my Bloglovin feed a few weeks ago but it's easy to see why she's such a popular read. I am not that big a beauty blog reader but Corrie dips into a whole range of topics in amongst beauty and it is so worth the read. It's one of them something for everyone blogs and the promo photos are always on fleek so if that doesn't wanna make you up your blogging game I don't know what else will.

Best For; Blog Photography, a mini list, beauty (naturally), blogging tools and freebies and an appreciation of the smaller things in life.


So thanks ladies for writing relateable, hilarious, self deprecating posts with gorgeous photography that make a dreary Monday morning a bit more #MondayMotivation and goals and "You Got This Bae". You rock the lodda ya.


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