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How To Stay Motivated.

How To Stay Motivated.



TEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! -insert santa snowflake christmas tree emojis here-

Becoming freelance means that sometimes, god forbid, you might not actually have any work on or it might be a little while to your next job and in those less than prosperous times you need to find some motivation to get on with your own projects and find that all important next deal.

Here's how I keep chugging along when the work runs dry;

1. Write Notes. 

The worst feeling is when you get one of them brainwaves of an exciting new project, image, idea and then when you come to sit down at your desk....it's gone. When you get an idea, even if it's not fully formed or doesn't seem viable, note it down anywhere and keep a list of potential projects to dip into when you haven't got a job on the go.

2. Look For Holes. 

I was recently looking for a with sympathy card for a man and it soon became apparent to me that after birthday and christmas cards, the greetings card selection in shops for men was absolutely appalling. Everything was female orientated and covered in flowers and so since then I have been working in my spare time on a series of cards for men. Finding a little loop hole in the market and working on filling that gap might just get you your next commission.

3. Search For Content.

You can find inspiration and ideas anywhere from scrolling through Insta to watching the news to online shopping. Searching for inspiration might just give you the kick up the butt you need to creating that AMAZING piece that will get you world fame and $$$$$.

4. Hop On Seasonal Trends. 

Anything seasonal is a winner. If you have some spare time it is well worth creating images and products that tie in with a seasonal theme to sell and get people on board with. There is always something seasonal going on from Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Easter, End Of School, Exam Results, Halloween and if all else fails; birthdays. I got a bunch of work from people seeing my seasonal work on Etsy who then asked for something more personal, you can't go wrong with trends.

5. Hashtags. 

If you are struggling to get motivated and find something inspiring to get working on, hashtags are a great way to get going. I take part in Colour Collective **most** Fridays and there is often some kind of hashtag floating around to get you in the swing of things. This Christmas alone I couldn't count how many Blogmas or Illustrating Advent Calendar accounts and hashtags I've seen.

6. Find Your Clients. 

If you're stuck in a rut with work it might be worth re designing your website or creating a new social media campaign. I am currently in the process of adapting my website to include a home page which outlines exactly what services I can offer a client which is separate to my portfolio. It's massively important to have a shake up and make sure you are presenting the best possible version of yourself, your work and your business. You can also send out a postal campaign to approach new clients but that is a whole other kettle of fish.

7. Set Up A Blog!

Can't find the mojo to get stuck into some personal work? Set up a blog and write about it! It'll add a new dimension to your website, a new thing to brag about on your CV and you might find your enjoy it a lot and have a talent you didn't even know about!

8. And If All Else Fails...

....check your bank balance and if it's anything like mine during a poor spell of freelance, that'll motivate you enough to get some new jobs in!

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