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Timeline Of My Day.

Timeline Of My Day.



Admittedly, my daily routine has changed just since the beginning of December when I planned the daily content of my blogging advent calendar so this is more a 'timeline of my day right now', it will probably change by January again.


Wake up. Generally. The start and the end of my day are pretty irregular, sometimes I might wake up earlier, some days I might work till 2am and get up at 10.00am.


Stay cosy in bed in the warm reading and answering emails, scheduling tweets for the whole day, promoting my newest work/blog post what have you on Facebook and Instagram and obvs scrolling down my feed because duh.


Attempt to leave the nest of my double bed with the floral/tartan duvet and ALL the pillows.


Actually leave my bed after 15 minutes of thinking about leaving and peeping a toe out of the covers only to hide inside because of the horrifically cold air.


All that boring showering, teeth brushing, hair brushing, dressing, makeup stuff. Living the dream. This is when (if I am at ma new pad) I also drive home to my parents which is a mere 15 minutes down the lanes.


Begin making the days feast (I get all the food I want through the day and pile it all up on my desk so I don't have to get up and go downstairs in the middle of working). Normally consists of a cup of tea, a bowl of fruit and yoghurt, raw carrot slices and french stick slices with butter.


After navigating the stairs with my mountain of snacks I then have to tidy my room because I CANNOT work in a messy room but when I go to bed I do that unfortunate thing of throwing all my worldly possessions onto the floor with 372384702374 cushions and clothes. Such is life.


Actually start working 2 and a half hour after I woke up. I know, I know.


Work solidly on whatever takes my fancy or needs priority first. Normally involves emailing, invoices, purchases and anything that needs printing. Watch a bunch of catch up tv from the night before that I missed or a whole load of documentaries nobody except me wants to watch.


Continue working allllll day errday (I take two days off a week to babysit instead of a traditional weekend, don't hate the playa). Afternoons are normally when all the admin is done and I can finally get stuck into drawing and designing, lightboxing and post editing. Also blog photography whilst there is still some natural daylight (very little window in winter). Between 1 and 4 I also listen to Scott Mills and Chris Stark on Radio 1 because yaaaaassss.


More work ohhhh yeah I know how to live. Either listening to Greg James on Radio 1 or catching up on a bit more bad tv. This is when my parents come home and disturb me and chat and also when I drive home if my boyfriend has one of his rare evenings off.


Either cook and eat tea or just eat tea if I have wangled a free meal from mama Rees. Yuh huh an actual break from work when I actually leave my desk and venture down the stairs.


Still working (I need a social life I swear but ugh self employed) but downstairs away from the desk- WHAT a life. My and my dad and my brother watch a LOT of tv. We can be known to watch programmes between 8pm and midnight and be taping programmes during every hour and still have to watch catch up. We will watch nearly anything and so my evenings are spent on the sofa (normally in a duvet, it's December people) watching tv and working on computer related things; usually post editing on photoshop or blogging.


I do NOT have a regular bedtime, I normally finish watching TV somewhere between 11 and midnight but sometimes it could be more like 1am..... BUT, on a normal day at 11pm I'll finish working and either drive home if the main man is on a late shift to meet him there or I'll go up to my room if I'm spending the night at the folks. Wherever I am I will get into ma pjs, tuck up and read a bit of a book, a bit of bloglovin and have some fruit and yoghurt for supper.


(Generally) finally hit the hay after a good scroll of my Insta feed naturally.

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