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If you follow my illustration account on Instagram you might have seen me post A LOT of pictures of my feet over the past few months and if you didn't know wtf what happening, I'm here to explain. 

I love a good Instagram challenge and this year I took part in #The100DayProject from April 19th to July 27th. The project is pretty simple, you had to choose something creative to do for 100 days, complete the challenge, post on Instagram every day and create your own unique hashtag to keep a track of yourself. 

If you didn't read this post on day one I came up with the idea of my hashtag waiting for the train to Bristol way back in April. I took a photo of my leopard print shoes at the yellow line on the platform and thus; the idea was born. I really liked the idea of having a record of what I did over 100 days in photo form and it was an easy task to remember to do. The key to the project in my opinion was choosing something creative you knew you could complete. I wanted to do an illustrative project originally but I knew realistically I would get too busy, miss a day and it probably wouldn't work out. 

Now, 100 and a bit days on I have a creative diary of what I did between April and July of this year including trips away, a holiday, my family and friends, rain, sun, fancy floors and A LOT of photos of the shoes that inspired it all. 

One of the things I loved most about this project was the gorgeous people I found to follow on Instagram. cbloggers did a chat on the project just before it started and I was thrilled to see how many bloggers and creative people were taking part and then I spent 380127498326547 hours trawling the hashtags and found billions more wonderful accounts that I am now thoroughly in love with. 

I thought it only seemed right to share some of my absolute favourites, the ones amongst the hundreds that I looked forward to seeing every day the most. These ladies SMASHED it. 

1. #100DaysOfYellowStuff. 

Kate's project was THE most summery project that ever graced my Instagram feed. It's basically what it says on the tin, it's 100 days of things that are yellow, often placed on a yellow background and it was flippin gorgeous. It made me so happy every day, it just oozes positive vibes. I don't know how on earth Kate found enough yellow stuff for 100 days but I think you can all agree we can only bow down in her glory. 

Follow Kate's project here - @madebymrsm

Shop Kate's Etsy here- etsy.com/madebymrsm

2. #100DaysOfInkedAstronomy.

I was so excited when I saw what Kelly was creating for her 100 day project as I followed her on Twitter & Insta before we started (fan girl much?). Going from constellations to the zodiac to moons, Kelly's astronomy inspired project was beautiful. Absolutely go and check them out on her Instagram because they definitely deserve to be viewed bigger than this. The detail is insane, the contrast is insane and the precision it must have taken to do? I can't even. 

Follow Kelly's project here- @myfairpixel

Shop Kelly's Etsy here - etsy.com/myfairpixel

3. #100DaysOfKSHandLettering.

If you dream of being able to do beautiful hand lettering without spending 47836 hours on it like I do, this feed is all the goals and you'll be 100% jealous. Katrina hand lettered a quote or a saying every day for her project and it's gorgeous. Just set on white with a heck of a lot of negative space to give you all the feels, you probably should just go and pin them all to your Pinterest now for when you need a good old beautifully written quote for your day. One day I hope to have handwriting as lovely as this. 

Follow Katrina's project here - @katrinasophiart

Shop Katrina Sophia here - katrinasophia.com/shop

4. #100DaysOfGraphique. 

I was following Natasha on Twitter and Insta before the project started and she was one of the ones I was particularly looking forward to seeing because her feed is normally goals anyway. As you can see from the above picture she didn't exactly disappoint. #100DaysOfGraphique was colourful, it was brash, it was bold and her compositions are to die for, like they make me want to improve my photography ten fold. I really struggled to choose my favourite pics to post here and I probably could've chosen 210832748 more and she felt my pain choosing the last photo of the project - the pressure was real. 

Follow Natasha's project here - @natasha_nuttall

Have a read of Natasha's gorgeous blog here - graphiquefantastique.com

5. #100DaysOfPaperCollage.

When I look back at the projects I loved most over the last 100 and something days I was surprised to find out most of them were not 'traditional' art practices like painting and drawing. In fact, most were photography projects and I think that says a lot about where my mind is at art wise, having done a photography based project myself. And then I found Jane's project and fell head over heels in love. #100DaysOfPaperCollage is SO full on, SO detailed I can't comprehend how long each one took and how many ideas she must've had floating around her head to create a new one every day. My particular favourites are the ones that include fruit or vegetables because doesn't the style just lend itself to that perfectly?! Oh and the colours and tones are the same throughout the whole project and it makes the most beautiful grid. 

Follow Jane's project here - @janeormes

Shop Jane's Etsy here - etsy.com/janeormes

6. #100DaysOfFlatlay.

Well I had to end a post for bloggers with a project on flatlays didn't I? Hannah's 100 days was full of the most colourful, vibrant flatlays I have ever seen and if it doesn't make you rethink the entire way you photograph for your blog I don't know what will. I really struggled to pick a favourite, the paint, the scissors, the wool....and the 91 I didn't pick for this piece but in the end I think the ones that focus on one colour sell it for me. The orange and the blue and the green grids are a work of art in themselves and I am SO happy I stumbled across this feed, it made my summer all the better for it!

Follow Hannah's project here - @han_coxy

Check out Hannah's Craft & Cabaret events here - crafternooncabaretclub.com

Did you take part in #The100DayProject? Do you wish you had? Are you taking on another Instagram challenge I should know about? 

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