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How I Gained Over 200 Twitter Followers In A Fortnight.

How I Gained Over 200 Twitter Followers In A Fortnight.

How I Gained Over 200 Twitter Followers In A Fortnight. 

How I Gained Over 200 Twitter Followers In A Fortnight. 

So I should probably put it out there RIGHT NOW that I don't actually know how I managed it, but I can make a few educated guesses. 

I run two Twitter accounts FYI, one for my business and one for my blog and it is my blogging account (@20sMeltdown) that has spiked in the last 14 days. 

I started that account when I moved hosts and had a re vamp back in January and I remarked back then how quickly I gained 100 followers. It honestly took me months to get to my first 100 on my illustration account and I credited my first milestone to simply identifying as a blogger in my bio. Like automatically people found me and followed me because I wrote I was a blogger which I have to be honest, I do myself. Like if I get a new follower I go into their bio and see if they're a blogger or a brand etc and follow back, if I can't find that info I won't follow back because I'm not all about filling my newsfeed with random people, I'm following bloggers. 

February and March according to my analytics were a bit different; 52 new followers in February which is more the type of following I was expecting monthly and then 122 in March which I think was due to me tweeting much more (like 700 times more) and also tweeting people in my feed which sparked conversation. 

And then came April. 

I always discuss my analytics a bit more in depth in my social media review of the month (happening Thursday probs this week) so I won't delve too deep into in this post other than my followers. 

In the whole of April I gained 295 followers and just over 200 of those was in 14 days. I didn't see myself hit 400 followers but in the morning I was on 380 and by the evening I'd toppled it and then I watched (like a bit of a fanatic tbh) to see when I'd hit 500 and it happened 6 days later. And now as it stands I have 515 and those 15 happened today alone. 

So, How I Think I Gained Over 200 Followers In A Fortnight. 

1. Twitter Chats. 

This is absolutely 100% what I credit my new following to. I 'discovered' Twitter chats at the end of March and took part in one or two but throughout April I have participated religiously. I'm going to write a list of Twitter chats with dates and times in my bullet journal because I am always forgetting what's on what night or what hashtag to use or who hosts so I'll definitely take a photo and whack it on Insta so you can all join in too! 

Twitter chats are incredible for exposure and for my blog. My readership, bloglovin following, Pinterest following and Instagram following have all grown in the past month and I know it's down to Twitter chats because the people talking to me and the people following me. 

I would thoroughly recommend Twitter chats be your first port of call if you're looking to grow your following because it is SUCH a lovely community and really welcoming, especially if you tweet saying it's your first time in a chat. I have met some lovely people through them and found a whole shed load of blogs I now look forward to reading every day. 

2. Chat To People! 

So this is separate to designated Twitter chats, whilst it might sound the same. I find myself with some really bad habits on Twitter and one of them is scrolling absentmindedly through my feed, seeing something I like and either just thinking "truth" or "love that" or "agreed" or just finding something funny and then continuing to scroll. 

If you're guilty of the same, you need to force yourself (as I have been trying to do lately) is not to just keep scrolling. If you like something, tweet whoever posted it and tell them why you liked it! Comment back, say if you agree, share stories of a similar experience, just start a conversation and 99% of the time they'll reply at least once, if not more and I've definitely gained a handful of followers this way. 

3. Retweet. 

Just the word retweet makes me think of the Chrisley family, anyone else watch that?

Another way I engage with people and which might have made a small difference to my following rewteeting, or specifically quoting tweets. I get a lot of people liking retweets I've posted because I retweet lots of comedic things which people like, but I think quoting tweets is a good way of building up engagements. If you like something, quote the tweet, say why you like it and people really dig that, especially if you've included a tweet of theirs with a link in. 

4. Follow People!

This might seem like the most simple of suggestions but honestly, how many times do you get a notification saying someones followed you only to be like "I swear I already followed them?!" This is probably my worst Twitter habit. I always chat to people in Twitter chats and then forget to follow at the end, I always get notifications from people and forget to follow back and I've even added people to #FF tweets when I don't follow them myself just because I assume I already do! Make sure you follow people you chat with or engage with and they're more likely to follow you too. 

Like I say, I don't know why I gained so many followers so quickly but I think these 4 simple points went a long way. 

Thanks to all 515 of you lovely lot that follow me, you make Twitter a lovely place to be -insert a row of heart emojis here-

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