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Top Social Media Hits January 2016

Top Social Media Hits January 2016

So this has been a regular segment on the blog for a few months now but today, it's all change! Now that I have split my blog from my business and I run two Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts, I can't just do a little round up of the 6 most liked photos on one account anymore. 

So what's happening?


From now on, I am going to list the top 3 Instagram posts of both my accounts; Twenty Something Meltdown and Gwennan Rees Illustration. As ever, if multiple posts get the same amount of likes I'll post the top however many (for example today I'll have a top 4) and I'll do a little round up of my Twitter stats for both accounts too. 

So let's get on with it! 

Gwennan Rees Illustration;

1. Valentine's Day Cards. 

My Valentine's Day cards have done pretty flippin well on all forms of social media (especially Facebook which is on about 9000 views and counting) but it was this post on my first batch of cards that went to post that got into my top 4. People love stationary, people love stickers, people love post...it was a winner all round. (Buy my Etsy cards here!)

2. Inspire Your Heart With Art. 

So this was a pretty cute one to end up in my top 4! It is absolutely not my best illustration, I am well aware of that but I think it was the message that my feed full of illustrators and designers got on board with. It was #inspireyourheartwithart day and whilst trending content always does well, it is just one of those lovely messages. 

3. Blogging Cliche. 

It's true, the blogging community cannot resist a bunch of flowers. I always knew this would be a popular post, heck that's even why I posted it, because Instagram is an exaggerated extension of our lives and we all love a good bunch of carnations. 

4. Colour Collective. 

Colour Collective always does well on my business account but this was the most well received post on my Instagram, not just this month but in fact EVER on my Instagram. I think it is one of my cutest illustrations and I am so happy it was so well liked!

Twenty Something Meltdown

1. Coming Soon....

This was actually my first post on this account so it's nice that it came into my top 4! It's also pretty awesome that bearing in mind this was my first post and I hadn't really built up a following, it's great that people saw it, people liked it and hopefully people checked back in to see what the coming soon was all about! 

2. Giveaway Winner. 

Anything with the # giveaway in it automatically gets a butt load of likes from spam accounts hoping to win, even if in this case, the post was actually announcing the winner. On a side note, a week after my giveaway I got a massive spike in followers on Twitter all to do with my giveaway which was weird. 

3. The boots of dreams. 

I have raved about these boots on all forms of social media since I bought them in Wrexham a few weeks ago. They're from New Look, they're out of stock, I cannot find them online and I am soz that the rest of you cannot snap them up in the sale like I did. 

4. Frosty Winter. 

By far and away this was the most well received post on my Instagram to date (which admittedly is just under a month but yolo). I think this did so well because my twenty something feed is mainly filled with fellow bloggers and damnnn do bloggers love a flat lay. It just so happens this little piece caught me on a good iPhone day so it's crisp, it's clear, it isn't even hosting a filter, it was just a good quality photograph. Go me. 

My business account (gwennan_rees) on Twitter recovered from last month's slump where my tweets went up but the reception went down thankfully! In fact it did pretty flipping well, even if I do say so myself. 

I have noticed I have a distinct trend in how much I tweet, upping it every month around 30-50 tweets a month (I wrote 383 tweets in January FYI) and luckily, it seemed to work, gaining me a reception of 26K which I think is my highest count to date. 

And quite frankly, everything else took a massive leap too which is definitely a positive thing. My profile visits nearly doubled on December to just over 800 views, my new followers spiked at 34 in a month (from 4 the previous month awks) and my mentions and tweets linking to me rose dramatically too. 

This I think is in part to my continued dedication to taking part in every Colour Collective (my top media hit was my ballerinas posted above) and my new blog venture which got a lodda love. Oh and my most popular new follower was the actual factual David Walliams FYI -insert all the sassy hands emojis-

Twitter analytics for my @20sMeltdown account were pretty encouraging for my first month (not even a full calendar month I don't think) . It took me FOREVER to get up to 100 followers on my business account, yet by simply identifying as a blogger, I hit 100 in about a fortnight - admittedly falling to 88 after my giveaway but I'm back up past 100 again now. 

I tweeted a mere (!) 92 times in about 3 weeks, earning me 5500 impressions and 450 profile visits which ain't bad going. My giveaway was a huge contributor to building me a following quickly (no surprises it was my highest grossing media post) and if the stats of just 8 days into February are anything to go by, this is a fast growing venture for me. 

Hope you all dig the new layout (especially if you remember the old one!) - let me know in the comments! 

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