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Friday Favourites  30th January - 5th February 2016.

Friday Favourites 30th January - 5th February 2016.

Waheyyy we made it through the January Blues! Well done gal pals, we made it and now onto February and pancake day and 6 Nations and one step closer to spring and other happy things. 

You'll see two distinct themes in this week's favourites, soz. 

1. On The Doorstep. 

This week I have FINALLY been able to get out and about again as the rain stopped, the clouds broke and the sun came out. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll have known I spend a huge portion of my time walking around the Welsh countryside with my niece, and at last, this week I could get back to it. On Monday we took an hours stroll around my village and whilst she slept for most of it, I got to appreciate the views I have on the doorstep, which I haven't been able to see for 2892385938693486 months through the fog and drizzle. 

2. My Home Town. 

On Wednesday my niece (who is now 8 months old waaaah) and I got the buggy out again and this time went on a two hour walk round Bute Park in Cardiff. Sadly she fell asleep in my arms before we even got out of the hallway so she missed the ENTIRE thing but her smiley little face 2 second after waking up is always worth a good long nap. I managed to find parts of the park I'd never seen before, take a butt load of Instagram photos and get some inspiration for further adventures namely a wander to Llandaff Cathedral and a cycle hire when she's a bit bigger. 

3. TClarkeDesign

I am a HUGE fan of getting post, especially when it's something exciting and this week was a corker for my letter box. I ordered my Mother's Day card from my bestie Tania Clarke from her Etsy shop and not only did it arrive next day which is always ideal and it's beautiful quality, she also surprised me with a birthday card for my momma (what a cutie) and two bug prints to go with one she made me for my birthday way back in October. I was SO happy and I cannot wait to get my studio/office space sorted and frame my prints to hang in there! 

Check out Tania's range of Thank You, Birthday and Mother's Day cards on her Etsy shop here!

@ tclarkedesign

4. PALentines. 

Always a fan of surprise post, I got pretty excited to receive an extra summin summin in my order with Tania and THEN the next day I saw an envelope with some unmistakable handwriting. Yup, my gurl Stacey Jacqueline had sent me a little bit of love for Valentine's Day (which I opened a bit early not knowing what it was soz). -insert heart emojis here-

5. Organising At It's Best. 

I am on top of my organising this February and long may it continue. I have started the month as I mean to go on by plotting all my blog posts for the month (with a few gaps for some impromptu inspiration) and you might even spot a familiar face hopping in on the action with a guest post too. 

Plz don't try to look too closely at my blurred out address, I don't want to advocate stalking. Thnx boo. 

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