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5 Quotes To Live By This February

5 Quotes To Live By This February

As a blogger and designer and twenty something girl, my love of quotes is out of control, especially if they come in black and white/rose gold printed form on Etsy. With that in mind, I thought I would do something productive with my quotes and use 5 every month in a handy post to help you motivate your way through the next 30 odd days. 

(As ever, quotes are not my own, all rights are to the creator and links to where I found them on Pinterest are below!)

1. Early sunsets, warm tea, messy hair, big sweaters. 

If you don't love Winter, especially when it's more grey rain than white frost, it can be hard to find a silver lining in the seasons when Spring and Summer seems so far away. I think this quote sums up why Winter really is lovely, is the perfect excuse to over indulge and be fine with it and to get a lovely sunset early evening and then snuggle up afterward. I aim to appreciate the cosiness of Winter this month. 

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2. You Have As Many Hours In The Day As Beyonce. 

I mean, does there need to be any real explanation? Even if you aren't a fan of her music or Bey herself (is there anyone that doesn't love her?) , you cannot deny what a power house that woman is and what a HELL YAHHH she's done for being female, being equal and being a boss. I think everyone should live to this motto, it'll make you damn productive and all 'I Got This'. 

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3. You Can Never Be Over Dressed Or Over Educated. 

Such an inspiring quote, I think it just exudes classiness. I am a firm believer in education and learning, not necessarily academia but generally broadening your horizons, exploring what your interests are and just learning about something. Knowledge is power and all that. 

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4. Life Your Life And Forget Your Age. 

This little cutie is SUCH a good quote. We all know one elderly person who is defying the odds, living the dream, flying the high life and doing all kinds of stuff like running marathons and bungee jumping and the like. It's those people we need to aspire to be, those people who don't let age define them and we need to take a leaf out of their book. My average reader is a fellow twenty something and I think sometimes we just need a break from all this adulting and forget our age, get all immature, belly laugh, eat a shit tonne of sweets, go to one of them adult soft play things and let loose. Being responsible is hard. 

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5. There Was No Way I Was Born To Just Pay Bills & Die. 

On the same vein as the previous quote; adulting can be hard. We graft, we work in jobs we don't like, we pay bills, we save, we all fall down the mortgage, marriage, babies trap and we all essentially live the same life. This February, I challenge you all to do something out of your comfort zone, break the mould and have some sort of adventure. 

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Hope your February goes swimmingly and if you want to read 2173905709375 more quotes (some of which are a bit sweary) and look at nice homeware, follow me on Pinterest here! 

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