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My Month In Photos - January 2016.

My Month In Photos - January 2016.

Because I only write these posts once a month (hence the title, soz for insulting your intelligence), I legit have to go back to the previous months post just to work out what format I write these in. But moving on from my blogging inadequacies, here's to the past month.

1. Valentines Day Cards. 

So it'd be rude not to include the one thing that has dominated my January..........February. More specifically February 14th, Valentine's Day. I created these cards at the beginning of the month and have been selling them for about a fortnight now. With another fortnight to go before the big day I am still selling them on Etsy and I have had SUCH an overwhelming response. Thank you to the 3000 yes THREE THOUSAND people that saw it, shared it, liked it, commented and followed my links on Facebook , thanks to all the lovely comments on Twitter and Instagram and most importantly thanks to those who have bought the cards. 

You can still get your hands on the last few here! GwennansIllustration

2. Re Brand. Re Launch. 

So if you follow me on social media and you missed my relaunch, I have no idea how you avoided the news. I won't launch (geddit) into the details again because I've gone on and on and on about it but you can read all about my launch here


3. Winter.

I am not a huge fan of winter I can't lie especially this winter which has just been grey and rainy and miserable. But, for one bright day this January, there was a break in the rain and we had some actual sun and some actual frost and man did my Instagram grid benefit from it.  

4. Wrexham. 

Obviously one of the highlights of my January was visiting me old chums in me old university town last week. We had such a good time, we laughed till we cried and I bought these New Look boots (can't find a link online soz) so all is well. You can read all about my trip over here!

5. Home Comforts. 

There are a lot of perks to going away and one of them is definitely coming home to your home comforts. This month at home I have been scooting about everywhere driving my little baby blue (STILL nameless) car, babysitting my niece, spending ALL the money in the NYE sales and even braving the beach even if it was only for half hour. 

6. Belly Laughs. 

In case you don't follow my personal Instagram account or my Twitter, you might have missed these little beauties so with very little explanation, I'll just leave these here for you to enjoy.....

Crack on February, lets get a bit more spring in the air. 

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