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Friday Favourites 23rd - 29th January 2016.

Friday Favourites 23rd - 29th January 2016.

So this week was a corker as I knew it would be what with a trip back to my university town and all. I've been looking forward to this week ever since we booked it and gurl, it didn't disappoint.

Let's crack on with the top 5;

1. Re Living University In 28 Hours. 

Yup, I only spent 28 hours in my beloved Wrexham but man it was a good 28 hours. I managed to fit in a lot of what I used to do in uni into my short but sweet time in the town and if I'd scrambled in a Maccy D's or a Les' chippy it would have been complete. I got to catch up with 3 of the most wonderful friends I have and reminisce and proper belly laugh about all the shit we got up to in 3 years and we even managed to squeeze another two lovely people in for a meal. We went to visit the parents of my friends, we watched Jezza sprawled out on the bed eating Quality Street, we had a good old fashioned Frankie and Bennys, we laughed over GBBO, we swapped Christmas presents (more on that later), we made a 2am run to Tesco for easter eggs, we stayed up till 3.3am chatting, we lazed in bed till midday eating more chocolate, we went to Primark and New Look and Wilko and H&M, we had a Spoons dinner, we visited our old studio and I even managed to grab a Greggs iced bun for the journey home. Oh and it rained the whole time. It was standard Wrexham stuff and it was all beautiful. I do love that crazy bunch of misfits I spent 3 years with.

2. Selfie Sisters. 

Probably one of the shortest favourites I've ever written but whilst trying to take some nice selfies (there were a lot not fit for public consumption), Stacey, Tania and I proved why girls are the pros and the humble selfie. All tilting the same way, the flipagram between this photo and the last was hilarious, just a shame Jonny didn't get the memo.

3. Happy January Christmas!

So seen as we didn't manage to meet up before Christmas, we got to celebrate a belated Christmas this wintery January. There was proper Christmas wrapping paper, there was Christmas decorations, there was Quality Street and Roses and we were all spoiled. Thank you to my lovely chums for all my gifts! -insert kissy face emoji here-

4. Boots Of Dreams. 

I have had a hankering for some suede black over the knee boots for a long long time, as has every blogger in the galaxy but my wish was a bit more niche. I wanted flat boots. And flat boots no high street retailer make. I am not a heels gal, I can't walk in them, I don't have occasion to wear them....nope, a flat boot was for me, and preferably ones that didn't cost 381902849079037587 dollah. The dream looked distant, the goal unreachable but then...enter the boot of my dreams stage right. On a little scout around New Look I found these babies in my size for a mere Β£22 AND they were the last ones in the shop. Thank you Wrexham!

5. Oggy. 

Is there anything I need to say to convince you that this was one of the best things of this week? A surprise puppy? Who could seriously resist, I mean really? He's 10 weeks old, he's an Old English Sheepdog and he is UHHHMAZING. He's naughty, he likes to eat socks, he has a ridiculous bark and he is so fluffy. All the heart eyes emojis.

What a week ya'll! What a week.

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