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Friday Favourites 16th - 22nd January 2016

Friday Favourites 16th - 22nd January 2016

Don't panic people!! Only a week more of January and then we're onto Feb and pancake day which is nice an early this year so keep that in your sights. My favs this week is a bit self indulgent - I've been super busy hard at work and thats basically all I've done the past 7 days so this is a very me orientated post. Soz and that, business to run.

1. Valentine's Day Cards. 

You might have noticed if you follow me on social media, I have 5 Valentines Day cards up for grabs on my Etsy shop. As I am writing this, they have only been live for 2 days and have only been promoted on my Facebook for 24 hours and I already have 2484 views and counting. I was really pleased when I got my cards back from and I am SO SO happy everyone else likes them too and even likes them enough to part with a whole £2.95 to buy them. My most popular seller is my cactus card which I anticipated and I thank all you lovely ladies who've bought my cards to tell your other halves exactly what they mean to you. If you haven't bought one yet, you have plenty of time to get involved and if they all sell out this week I'll order some more which would be all kinds of cute for my business. Shop them here!

2. Blog Re Launch. 

Yup you'd have been a fool to have missed it- I am re launching my brand next Monday. This doesn't just mean officially launching my new look blog and new website colour theme. This also means new business cards, new banners, TWO new logos, new Instagram, new Twitter, new Facebook... yeah it's all go. I am quite excited about having a new look and running some new social media accounts and you lovely gal pals have said some lovely things already so here's hoping it goes down successfully. Also I have a giveaway so ya know, there's freebies to tempt you anyway. Follow my new accounts here!

Facebook - Twenty Something Meltdown.

Twitter - @20sMeltdown.

Instagram - Twenty Something Meltdown.

3. Flowers. 

So in the summer these beauties are my enemy but in winter, I can quite reasonably be within 1 mile of flowers and not be sneezing. This week my mother (a keen horticulturalist) seriously upped the flower game in our house with this wintery beauty to match our newly decorated red and grey living room and then the other half turned up with a purple bunch for my purple vase at our home. Naturally both these occasions called for photos cos gurl that Instagram grid ain't gunna beautify itself.

**Side note** Please note the wintery twigs and the fancy olive oil drizzler.

4. Wintery Walks. 

In a brief stoppage in the rain and in my work, I went for a frosty walk with my boyfriend and his two Springer Spaniels. We are lucky enough to have this beauty LITERALLY on the doorstep and on Wednesday we donned the wellies and went on a ramble and it was glorious. The sun shone and it was one of them bitterly cold days where you bundle up in scarf and gloves and everything was white and frosty and the lake was even frozen over though my crappy iPhone doesn't capture that nicely enough.

5. Basic Bitch. 

I am a walking blogging cliche but I am absolutely fine with that when my new phone and mac case look as pretty as these. I picked up these beauties on Ebay (find similar here and here) and as well as being cheap as chips, they look beaut. The case for my Macbook Pro is also a lot thicker and better quality and matte unlike my old case so it was obvs a wise investment. Thanks Ebay, love ya. Oh yeah and my phone wallpaper is marble too....awks.

Just pre warning ya'll, next week's post should be going up on Friday as normal but I am in Wrexham with my chums until late Thursday night so bear with me and all that. Fanks pals.

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