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My New Blog

My New Blog

So you might have noticed my blog has had a bit of a re vamp of late. Yuh huh, my theme changed, my name has changed and my colour theme has gone all tropical with coral.

On Monday 25th January I am officially launching my all new re brand over ALL platforms. Yup, I've gone hard instead of gone home.

I've done a bit of research and soul searching with my blog in the past few weeks...I've always had good blog stats and good reviews but I had a sneaking suspicion that having my blog on my website was actually letting me down a bit.

My blog has long since moved on from being solely dedicated to illustration and just an addition to my business and now I'm dabbling in lifestyle too. Having my blog space attached to my website under the same name was limiting me to people who weren't put off by the 'illustration' aspect to my and I don't think people knew I was writing about anything other than the business.

So lo and behold I've paid for ANOTHER domain name (I'm loosing count of how much I own) and twentysomethingmeltdown was born.

Whilst I want my blog and my illustration business slightly separate (there is still a link to it on my website), I still want the brand to remain as one so the purple is gone, the coral is in and I have two new logos to play with.

So what's launching on the 25th?

  • Official launch of twentysomethingmeltdown.
  • Twenty Something Instagram.
  • Twenty Something Twitter.
  • Twenty Something Facebook.
  • Gwennan Rees newsletter.

Plus my new logos and banners will be rolled out on both sides of my business!

It's all positive change and I am excited to move my brand on further, I even got new business cards yuh huh.

To celebrate I will also be launching a giveaway on the 25th which will run for 6 days so keep an eye out for your chance to win a whole load of goodies including stickers, pocket mirror, photo frame and stationary.

Hope you all enjoy my new look as much as the old one!

Friday Favourites 16th - 22nd January 2016

Friday Favourites 16th - 22nd January 2016

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