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Words Of Wisdom - August 2016

Words Of Wisdom - August 2016

Guess who's back.....back again.....*

I'm hoooooome! My holidays are over, the nice weather seems to be over, my guest blogging schedule is over and July is over. It is August, a new week, a new month and a new lease of life for Twenty Something Meltdown. 

I didn't really do anything for my blog whilst I was away. I really enjoyed having the guest blog schedule just kinda happening without me doing anything to it whilst I was gone. It was so easy to just put out some promotional stuff but not worry about the actual posting and I thought when I was away I might take some time to blog and get a bulk done for the same ease in August but hey, I typed not a word and I'm writing this 2 days before it's due to go live so looks I'm back to the old reactive me. 

I did read blogs when I was gone, I was still active on social media without taking part in any Twitter chats. I did a LOT of chatting and planning with the gals organising #BloggerPitP which has been massively exciting and I still did some blog comment replying and my FF's on a Friday but I didn't actually do any writing. And ya know what, it was nice. I didn't have a lot of free time and instead of typing away like I do at home I did a few things for the TLC of this corner of the interweb. I made a media kit which took forever and ever but I am in love with. I updated my social media profile pics and a little bit on my contact me/about me pages. I also edited EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST I HAVE EVER WRITTEN so all the promo photos fit my not-so-new-anymore theme but that took 4 evenings so that's a less relaxing story. 

So, life catch up over and done with (there'll obvs be more details on my hollibobs and a HUGE thank you to my guest bloggers coming up), here's my first post of what I feel is twentysomethingmeltdown mark 2. I had a huge rebrand in January which made this blog what it is today and I feel like my guest blogging schedule was the end of something and this is like the second half of the blogging year for me. Ya get me? Idk. 

I would normally kick off any month with 5 quotes to get you through and I haven't actually been doing that series that long (maybe since March) but I sat down to write it today and ya know what, it just felt like a bit of a slog. 

Last month's seemed like a bit of a chore but I put it down to rushing to get the post out but then I came to do it again today and it just felt a bit forced and stale. So instead of flogging a dead horse (what a horrific phrase wtf), I'm giving it a bit of a rebirth, a revamp and we're having just one quote to kick August off. A motto for the month if you will. And thus, enter the photo above. 

"Say yes to new adventures."

To me, August is a countdown to September and the end of summer. I am one of those people who preaches and tries not to let the days slip away dreaming of the future but I do it all the time. Sue me. 

I hate that I do it but it's just the feeling I've always had since being in school that I haven't really kicked of thinking August is the final few weeks of the summer holidays. Summer had a finality to it in the first few days of September, my trip away was always over or coming to an end by August and it felt like this was the time to stop wasting my days off and plan loads of exciting things. 

This is the time my mum and her friends would organise beach days for us or we'd go and visit friends in Essex. This is the time me and my dad would spontaneously up and go to Alton Towers for Bank Holiday Monday or go see my cousins. It feels to me like August is the countdown to normal life and I need to grab adventure and fun with both hands. 

One of the things I struggle most with being self employed is the lack of finality to anything. Obviously I have deadlines but the notion of summer and a certain end to that just doesn't come into it. I can make every day like summer if I want to, I can give myself every single day off if I want to. 

I chose this quote for my August inspiration because whilst summer doesn't have a clear end for me (unless the weather never picks up again until May 2017), I don't want to lose the feeling of that need for adventure. That urge to make exciting plans, do exciting things and make memories. 

This August I think we all need to pretend like we're back in school and we don't have the luxury of time or adult life to create our own plans. We can often be too guilty of getting stuck in a routine, of putting something off until 'next weekend', of never getting round to going somewhere or doing something and this August I challenge you to stop that. I challenge you to get in the car and just go somewhere you've been saying you'll go for months. I challenge you to book that impulse weekend away. I challenge you to not wait till next week, next month, to just go and do it now. 

I challenge you to say yes to new adventures - I promise your life will be all the richer for it. 


*And if you didn't sing that as you read it a la Eminem we can be friends no longer.**


**Ok fine we still can, you got me. 

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