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Social Media Stats: October 2016

Social Media Stats: October 2016

So here's a little conundrum for you....last month I aimed to schedule tweets most days and be active on Instagram every day. I joined in more chats than I have done in months and although my phone broke my Instagram grew yet my stats were lower than they have been since about July.....

We're a measly 5 days into November, I think I've managed a singular Twitter chat, I missed a day of Instagram and haven't scheduled a single tweet (and barely live tweet either) and my stats are back to the highest they have been since May..... Go figure.

In other news, as with everything on my blog at the moment I am changing this post up a little bit. Instead of reposting my 3 most popular Instagram photos of the month I thought I'd do a little grid of everything I've posted so if you missed it you can have a nosey. Capiche? Everything is staying pretty much the same format NGL. 


Oh I have such good intentions for Twitter but alas, I start every month like YES I WILL WAKE UP 15 MINUTES EARLY TO SCHEDULE MY TWEETS and after about 5 days I just kinda don't.... Normally my pageviews and blog stats take a big hit if I don't schedule promos which is why I do so many but like I said, this month it's gone the opposite way if anything. About 3/4 of the way through the month it looked like I was going to come in about the same way I was in July and not improve stat wise on October but a few chats in the dying few days turned the corner and I moved up a pace which is always nice to see. 

I tweeted 300 times more than in September which is 100% down to the chats I did in the last few days as I did latenightbloggers, beechat and blogosphere which are always busy so I was pleased to see my stats creep up a little. My profile views were about the same as the previous month give or take and I actually got 100 less followers but still made it to 2.4K on the last day of the month. I had about 200 more mentions which again is down the chats and my overall impressions went back up to 158K from 126K the previous month which is about where I was in July & August but blahhhh I'll probs never hit 250K+ like I did in June. I miss June. 


In September I hit 2K followers, by the middle of October I was well on for 2.5K. And then. Then I lost 600 followers overnight. 600. I shit you not. I googled it and there is supposedly a thing sometimes where Pinterest recounts and gets rid of bots and all that but in hindsight I am undergoing a revamp of my account and I think I deleted a board that perhaps people were following individually rather than following my account itself. FFS. Anyway I'm on 1.6K again which isn't exactly shabby but ya know, still a bit of a ballache. 


My arch nemesis. I ended September with 260 followers and now I have 290. 

I don't even know what to do with this flippin app, I share my link, I can't have it on my social media bar on my blog so I share it at the bottom of my posts and I don't know what more I can do....I've kinda got past the point of caring because my stats on my blog itself are still awesome but still, frustrating is not the word. 

The one thing I have a sneaking suspicion might change it is if I went and followed every blogger and their dog on the site which would probably result in a lot of follows back but I use Bloglovin as my daily app reader and I follow people's blogs who I genuinely care about and am interested in reading and I don't want to clog it with people I followed just for a follow back because bitch don't buy her followers. Nuh uh. 

Google Analytics;

In September I had 31,988 pageviews and I had hit 100K all time views (since January fyi) and aimed to hit 150K by the end of the month. Really annoyingly I didn't hit it by about 50 pageviews so naturally I tipped the balance on the 1st of November but whatevs, like I said I knew my stats weren't doing as well last month. 

My average pageviews for a day are just over 1000 a day, normally 1050 something like that. For the majority of last month they dipped to around 850 a day which whilst still not bad I appreciate, when you're used to something, seeing it take a hit for no reason is a bit baffling. Mid month I went back up to my normality for a week or so and then back down again. I didn't change a thing, I have no idea why it happened but it just did. For contrast the past 5 days of this month I have had 1400 pageviews a day AT LEAST. I don't even know. 

In the end in October 30,343 pageviews and my sessions and visitors dipped slightly too. 

And that's another month gone! I saw some stuff flying about the past few days about maybe bloggers aren't overly honest with their blog stats because 'bigger' bloggers don't get even half that daily pageview or something. I just wanted to put it out there that I am 100% honest with what I get and I wouldn't want anyone to think I was lying to look good. My stats are mainly from Pinterest, I've mentioned before a page went viral and it still brings in a stable amount for me now about 6 or 7 months on. 

I would say however that following on social media doesn't always determine the 'success' of a blogger and there are those of us out there who are doing alright for themselves quite quietly.

Happy bonfire night everybody!













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