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Social Media Stats; May 2017

Social Media Stats; May 2017

Social Media Statistics - May 2017. 

Social Media Statistics - May 2017. 

I'm writing this after two solid hours of ironing so forgive me if this makes no sense, if I don't speak proper English and there's no point to it because I don't feel one is mentally on the ball after so much ironing. 

This month I haven't really bothered looking at my stats, I looked on and off, saw they were a bit down and didn't really bother to pay attention to them after that. This week alone I've been so busy I haven't scheduled a single tweet since Saturday so I know barely anyone is reading the old blog cos if you don't tweet who even sees your posts?? Amiright? 


Last month saw a pretty big leap (for Instagram anyway) when I moved back to a personal account from a business one. I went from around 985 followers to around 1045 and hitting the big 1K felt like a massive achievement. I did feel a sense for a while of hitting that 1K mark meant more people followed me? As if people were like well if 1K follower here then they're obviously onto a good thing...

This month that's kinda slowed down. I don't know what it is per se that's slowed up my engagement again, maybe it's the quality of photos as I finished posting images from London and my North Devon holiday, maybe it's posting 3 times a day... I dunno.

As I type this I have 1066 followers but I've been up as high as 1090 this month and as low as 150. Despite my stead fast belief that 3 posts a day didn't feel spammy and increased my chances of being seen on the algorithm I have recently started taking more of a note of the amounts of likes I am getting per photo. I generally used to get around 100 likes per image, at the very least 70 or 80 but lately some images have had like 50 and it's becoming a repeating trend. Yesterday I tried posting just the twice, once in the morning and once in the evening and that gave the image a longer time to get seen and they both got a much more average type engagement for me. I don't know if it'll work and it's nothing to do with followers really but I'm going to try posting just the twice per day this month and see what kind of results I get from it. 

And if you do like what you see below you can follow me over here. 



Oh Twitter how hit and miss I am with you (as we speak I have posted just TWO original tweets this month. TWO). Last month I made a bit more effort to schedule tweets, to join in with as many chats as I could and generally just use Twitter a bit more. I really am not one of these people who just speaks on Twitter, I rarely tweet if it isn't in conversation or something to do with the blog and I think my account is really lacking in that respect and probs doesn't earn me many followers if all they see is promo stuff. What can ya do, it just ain't in my nature. 

That being said this month doing a few chats did me the world of good and that Blogosphere Blog Awards shortlisting wasn't the worst thing for my social media accounts. I tweeted about the same amount as last month, around 500 tweets but my impressions whacked back up over 100K for the first time since October last year which hopefully means the continuing trend of improving each month will do me ok. I mean I haven't tweeted this month yet (bar those two) but my impressions are at 21K. Idk. You tell me how Twitter works. 

I had about 100 more profile visits this month compared to last but I had 200 more mentions which was definitely down to the Blogosphere Shortlisting tweet which A LOT of people messaged me about and also down to the extra chats I found the time for. I also had 116 new followers which put me at just over 3450 so technically could hit 5000 followers by the end of the year but it'll take some work.


I haven't paid any attention to my Pinterest this month and I think it's definitely meant my blog has taken a hit. The more active I am on my own Pinterest account pinning original content and repinning and generally using it, the more my viral pins get seen again and the more traffic comes back to the old blog. I think I pinned like 2 days of May maybe. 

I had to go back and check my March social media stats post because last month I wrote I had 2379 followers and I was like ok that absolutely doesn't sound write....turns out I typoed and I actually had 2779. Which is about average as that means this month I got around 80 new pals and I'm at 2853 as I write this. I also went back up to 1,588,670 impressions which is nice. 

I have just made a group board for sharing bloggers bullet journal posts so if you want to be added to it drop me a comment or an email with your email address and I'll add you!


I don't know how much longer I'll keep tracking my Bloglovin following stats to be honest. Literally the only time I check them is when I write these posts and I don't even use the app properly any more, I tend to follow someone and then use it as a gigantic list of people I need to remember to follow. I basically just spend my life marking posts as read because I read them on the actual blog a fortnight ago. 

Anyway that being said last month I had 468 followers on Bloglovin and now I have 507 so that's the biggest jump I've had in a single month in ages. 

Google Analytics; 

Like I mentioned above, I knew my stats this month were below average for me (which is around 1K views per day FYI) so I didn't pay attention to them all that much. I basically got about a week into May and instead of thinking well I need to up my game here I basically wrote the whole month off and went nah it's below average mate, over it. I know. 

In the end I got 27,787 pageviews last month but I'm like well there were 31 days in the month so I should have been close to 31,000 pageviews. I literally am my own worst enemy and one of those people I absolutely detest - instead of recognising how good it is to have over 27,000 pageviews in a month, a stat I would have killed for 18 months ago I'm now like meh below average though ain't it. It's ok dear reader, I know I am the worst type of person. That did mean though that I tipped over to 406K all time pageviews which was nice to finally get past 300and something randomK but my dream of hitting a million pageviews by the end of the year is laughable - I should have recognised early on that the growth and the pace of it last year was so so unsustainable. 

Weirdly I just looked at my stats for the week that we've had of June and I'm closing in on average even though I've done zero promo so literally I don't even know what I'm doing here. 

Oh and a little titbit of info was my DA went up this month like most people's from 21 to 22. Not much but a step in the right direction and it might go back up to pushing 30 like it was last year if I ever find the time to go and fix the THREE HUNDRED broken links I have. Y u guys keep changing your URLs???

I'd v much appreciate the odd follow here and there on social media if you aren't already and a repin or two on my viral pins wouldn't go amiss if you're feeling super generous. 














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