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Social Media & Blog Statistics - January 2018.

Social Media & Blog Statistics - January 2018.


Stats & Following

January 2018. 

Flippin heck this came round ever so quickly again didn't it? 

Despite everyone and their dog (and myself) going on about how long January lasted, it seems like two minutes ago I was writing my last one of these, summing up my December and the whole of 2017. 

January was very much a rerun of January 2017 where I did the very least work and got the very biggest of rewards and it was all down to my good friend; bullet journaling. 


Instagram has been a weird old one for me again this month. Whilst everyone else is talking about rekindling their love for the app again and gaining more followers from it, I myself have seen my stats and following drop. I was floating around the 1160 all of last month and whilst most of this month has been the same, I have dropped as low as 1150 at times and I am flip flopping everywhere. 

Maybe the rest of you are right, maybe those of you are enjoying the app are somehow showing it to your followers because I'd be lying if I said I was enjoying mine. Since redesigning my blog I have fully fallen for the bright white and spring colours theme and it's made me immediately hate my dark Instagram theme that I loved so much in the depths of winter. Now I am determined to make my Insta grid fit my blog and have snapped a whole host of photos on the sunny day this week and I am desperate to work them into my feed. I'm at that horrible mid theme stage when you're working new colours and tones in and put it this way; I wouldn't follow me either if I was looking at my top 9 photos. 

But enough doom and gloom, the sunnier days are coming and my grid is changing to reflect that and on the plus side my Insta stories goes from strength to strength monthly both through views and and engagement. Now if I can just get Zoella to mention me in her shout outs that'd be great because that seems to seriously catapault a gals's following ya know. 



I can't even tell you how embarrassed I am by my Twitter this month and yet, I wasn't so embarrassed to do anything about it. My problem is, when I know my blog is having a good stats month I just kinda slack off anything else? My blog was beavering away by itself so I just completely stopped the promo side of it and it didn't suffer and I definitely didn't make the most of a good thing but there we go. 

I only tweeted 190 times in the whole month but I somehow managed to get 90K impressions which is 21K more than in December which is a little baffling. I had around the same profile visits at 1695 which is only a handful more than the previous month and I had 312 mentions which again is the same. What did happen though was I had a HUGE decluttering of my own feed. I was following something like 1.3K people and never saw tweets from who I wanted to see and my feed just felt too much so I went through and was super ruthless with it. It wasn't anything personal for most people, but if I didn't recognise your twitter handle or your blog name then I unfollowed and now I only follow 473 people. I appreciate it's not exactly 20 but I see more people I want to see content from and I'm much happier. That being said that also meant that of course I lost a fair few followers too so whilst I actually gained a decent amount in the month, I ended January on 3668 whereas it was 3680 in December. 


Pinterest has been the be all and end all of my blog this month. January always falls into the same pattern and this month was no different. The thing with having some viral bullet journal pins is that come the new year, everyone gets a new journal and Pinterest is awash with people searching for bujo content and whadda ya know, there's suddenly a lot of traffic coming your way. 

This month I have really been enjoying Pinterest again and have spent many an hour happily pinning away and I think that in turn has bumped up my own engagement respectively. I have also created a new board which is all my inspiration for blogging and instagram photography which I am loving pinning on which you can follow below. I was set on 3680 followers in December and now have 3975 which I think really reflects my own engagement with the platform and the success of my bujo posts. My impressions also jumped from a cool 2 million to 2.6 which ain't half shabby. 

Google Analytics; 

This is the bit that really show what a good January does to my overall blog statistics for the year. In January 2017 I had over 64K pageviews in the single month and whilst this month is but a fraction of that success, it hasn't exactly bombed either. 

My average pageviews came in at around 1.5K every day and I barely scheduled a single tweet. I was lax with everything, my promotion, my Twitter, my actual blog posts and yet down to you guys searching for all things bullet journal, I ended the month with a sweet 44,775 pageviews. My readership came in at over 27 thousand which is down to the sheer volume of people looking for bullet journal content and my bounce rate stayed about the same. This jump in my stats saw my overall pageviews hop nicely into the 600,000 with 623,099 which was an annoying number to end on because nobody likes a .99. 

On the downside my DA dropped from 27 to 24 which was a shame but I really only have myself to blame because I never fix my broken links. I am the worst. 

So that's another month over and done with. I'd be surprised if my stats reflect anything quite the same when the allure of bullet journaling wears off but hopefully we'll all have a successful February no? 














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