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Does Every Blog Post Need A Point?

Does Every Blog Post Need A Point?


A conundrum that has been pickling me for a while now. 

Does every blog post we write need to have a point? Something to take away from it? A piece of information, a tip, a list, something to save, something to share?

I've read a lot of posts lately talking about the formula to write the perfect blog post and it's either 1. An opinion post which people are either going to support or might be a bit controversial (i.e people are going to read) or 2. Useful in some sort of way. 

I agree with this on the most part and actually I do still think these are the recipes for a popular post, hell I've even written posts on it myself. But do we HAVE to have a point? Idk. 

I was thinking about my most popular posts and yeah, they all do have something in common. It's either bullet journal or blogging tips which people can save and take away, something that's useful to them. Or it's topical posts, something which people have an opinion on and want to respond to. 

Then I started thinking about posts I've loved from other people and actually, my favourites to read is very different to what is popular for me to write. My absolute favourite posts to read are the ones with no point, the ones where someone sits down and says 'k gang settle in with a cuppa, here's what's been going on lately'. It's people's lives, people's relationships, tales of people's kids, engagement stories, a catch up, a natter about life....those are the ones I love to read the most and the ones I'll click on first above top tips or opinion posts. 

So there in lies the conundrum? Do we always need a point to our blog posts? In my eyes no. 

99% of my content will be tips, things to pin, things to share, opinions, things to comment on but every now and then, I just want to brain dump. I want to catch you up on my life and what I've been up to, I want to tell you what I did on the weekend and write about nothing. I want to write a blog post with no point and hope you'll read just as avidly as when I share a bujo post. 

And just so you know - I'll still be reading your blog posts with no point (cos I'm v nosey). 


















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