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Friday Favourites 9th - 15th January 2016

Friday Favourites 9th - 15th January 2016

So it's been a pretty shitty week in the news. First Bowie, now Rickman- Britain has lost some true greats this week and I think everyone has been feeling a bit down about it.

However, there have been some lovely parts of this week too like the impromptu street party in Brixton and all the Harry Potter tributes and just generally people remembering why someone was so great and made such an impact on their lives.

Let's crack on with some smaller happy little things.

1. The Best Of Deliveries. 

Last Friday I received some lovely post of all the things I bought in the Boxing Day sales that took 2374027309587340958 days cos of New Years post and all that. There is no better feeling than getting a whole load of post that you've been patiently waiting for through in one day and knowing you got it all for cheaps. Yuh huh. In amongst my many bargains I managed to pick up a whole load of sassy stationary from Paperchase, some Christmas wrapping paper and tags for next year and some beeeeautiful Barry M nail varnish.

2. Llantwit Beach. 

You might remember if you've been reading this blog for a while that for weeks on end in Autumn I was taking my niece for long old walks around a bazillion beautiful locations round South Wales. We enjoyed ourselves, she likes being outside, my Instagram grid never looked better, it was cute. But then, well Winter hit properly and we haven't been out in weeks so in a break in the rain last Monday we hit the beach! Yep we braved the winds and went for a jolly on the local beach but sadly my niece fell asleep in the car and, uhh, didn't wake up again until we got home. So her first trip to the seaside was short lived, she didn't see any of it and now we have to go again.

3. Drive Plus. 

Ya'll might have read that last year I bought my first car at the beginning of December but when you probs haven't read is I had a drive plus black box fitted to minimise my insurance. It's not that exciting, it's not that ground breaking, hell it's barely worth blogging about. Except. I am OBSESSED with it. Because of Christmas and NYE post I didn't receive my black box until this week but I am obsessed. Obsessed. It sends the data to my phone, it knows everything there is to know about where I've been and how I'm driving and it scores me (I have to stay above 82 to get gold and potentially get 40% off my insurance next year) and I am obsessed with checking it when I finish driving. No biggie but I keep scoring 99 out of 100 (100 is the best yo) so I'm feeling like the world's flyest driver.

4. Gotham. 

If you aren't watching Gotham: Rise of the Villains on Mondays on Channel 5 you're doing something wrong. Luckily for you it only started this Monday so you have time to catch up on 5 On Demand before the next episode. It's series 2 of Gotham which is basically the start of the Batman series where Jim Gordon ain't commissioner, Bruce Wayne is a kid whose parents just died, cat woman is a child and the Joker hasn't even been revealed yet. Gotham is currently run by the genius that is The Penguin and generally it is amazing and you should go watch. Immediately.

5. Exciting New Projects. 

Ok so this one is a bit of a cop out cos I'm not actually revealing anything for another few weeks. Basically I am having a brand re think (you might have seen some hints on my website and Twitter) and I have shiny new business cards and a new blog name and a giveaway coming soon and lots of exciting things so keep your eyes peeled chaps!

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