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Twenty Something Meltdown

Twenty Something Meltdown

It's launch day!!! My new blog, website, logos, branding and social media accounts are all live, all under a new look and all working (always a bonus, nobody wants a crash on launch day).

So what's new? My blog is officially separated from my business and twenty something meltdown is now a brand in it's own right! My website has had a face lift and matches this format and everything is cute and coral and looks a bit like spring might be on the way....

On my website I also have a new newsletter which you can subscribe to and will be updated monthly with news on what I've been up to, some photos, some of my best blog content of the month and what's hot on my shop. It's all informal and friendly and just an extension of my brand, my business and my blog, all in one handily formatted email. Yuh.

My new business cards are here and I am in LOVE. Vistaprint did a fabulous job and they seamlessly match my blog me and my business me in one cute little card. They're already in my first batch of Valentine's cards so you lucky people who have ordered get the first exclusive look!


I am now the proud host of not one, not two but THREE Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I know, I know, pity me. Gwennan Rees Illustration social media accounts have had a new look with a new logo and new banner and I have a new account for each platform for twenty something meltdown, also all featuring banners and logos. The third account is my work for Llantwit Major Horticultural Society, my actual regular job natch.

I am so happy everything I have been working hard for all January is out there and people like what they have seen so far! Watch this space for a new look homepage to my website I am planning in the near future!

To celebrate the launch of ALL my new platforms and ventures I am hosting a giveaway! My giveaway is running on my new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and will be announced at 12pm on Saturday 30th January and posted the following Monday.


This lovely box of goodies includes;

  • 'You Go Glen CoCo' greetings cards.
  • 'My Inspiring Pencil' set of three pencils.
  • 'Graters Gonna Grate' pocket mirror.
  • 'Positive Vibes' sticker sheets.
  • Purple A5 photo frame.
  • 'I Need To Be Successful Because I Have Expensive Taste' A5 notebook.
  • 'You Float My Boat' greetings card.

And a few little surprise treats too!


All you have to do to get involved is follow me on one of my new social media accounts and share, regram or retweet my giveaway post! Extra entires obviously for every account you follow me on and share the post so if you want to be in with the best chance of getting your hands on these lovely things make sure you follow me on all 3!

Finally, in the week where I hit 100 Facebook followers and 200 Instagram followers, thank you to all of you lovely folk who support me, like what I do and buy something from my shop. Your continued lovely messages make all the hard work worth it. Cheers pals.

Website; www.gwennanreesillustration.com

Blog; www.twentysomethingmeltdown.com

Newsletter; Gwennan Rees Newsletter

Twitter; @gwennan_rees & @20sMeltdown

Facebook; Gwennan Rees Illustration & Twenty Something Meltdown

Instagram; GwennanReesIllustration & TwentySomethingMeltdown

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