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Why Impromptu Plans Are Often The Best.

Why Impromptu Plans Are Often The Best.

You know the kind of plans? The ones where your brother texts you and says "pub quiz in an hour?" or some blogging pals DM you saying "London next week?".

Both of them happened to me in the last fortnight and whilst the former was more realistic, I managed to pull both of them off. 

On a Tuesday night a fortnight ago I was messaged by Sarirah and Sarah suggesting an Instagram walk for allll the blog photos and all the inspiration and very quickly that pipe dream became a bunch of points on a Google Maps and very quickly that became "does next Friday sound ok?"

Literally in the space of one conversation we went from zero to organising a meet up and travel down to London, balking at the price of train tickets and discussing what snacks we'd bring (I actually don't think Sarah has forgiven me for my response to "do you like Percy Pigs.")

Not only did the three of us find that actually no we weren't doing anything next week and yes actually we could get together we managed to rope in some more of the picnic gals (ok so Hannah couldn't come on the day but she had a tattoo like a hour before we were due to meet, give the girl a break yo.)

Suddenly Mel was on board and just happened to have the day off and whadda ya know, a few hours in the car and a lot of lols later, a bloggers day out was born. And it was fabulous. 


I'm a big fan of organising, of well coordinated plans, of clever arranging - I am less of a fan of spontaneity, of people being like 'hey what ya doing tomorrow'. I like to know what I'm doing when I'm doing it and how long I have to prepare. 

And then, my brother will ask me to meet him at the pub or my blogging friends will say 'London next Friday" and I just go. And I bloody love it. 

I love just being like "yeah let's go" and just getting in the car and going. I wrote my '50 Things I Wish I Did More Of' post because I wanted to get out and say yes more and just drive somewhere just cos or just do something. 

I love saying "yeah I haven't got anything on tonight let's go out". I love not being daunted by the idea of a road trip to London out of the blue. I love it just as much as I love organising. 


I had such a good long weekend full of fun and family and friends and most of it wasn't planned more than a day or two ahead. It set me right up for this week which funnily enough has been a shitter already.

Not only do I have a memory bank full of good times and lols and inside jokes, I also have a camera roll full of photos that are making my Instagram look top but I also feel motivated and inspired for the blog. 

Sometimes I think you can over plan, you can suggest a date and find someone has something on every weekend and oh whadda ya know you don't have a day that works until Summer 2018. I think sometimes actually to be like "can you do next week" works better. People have cancellations on plans you thought you had a few months ago, you're not working the shift you thought you were, whatever it is sometimes to just be like "next Friday k?" actually works.

Sometimes, impromptu plans are the nicest. 










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