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Why I'm Not Committing To Blogmas.

Why I'm Not Committing To Blogmas.

I joked with my blogging baes on WhatsApp about it's the most blogger ish thing to make content out of the fact I'm not going to do a blogging challenge. We are what we are.

Oh Blogmas - the busiest time of year for a lot of bloggers. Or Vlogmas for Vloggers if you're that way inclined. 

Blogmas is essentially the same as Blogtober and BEDN (Blog Every Day November) or Blogvember. They're all blogging challenges to push you to post content every day for a month, whatever month that may be. 

As very few bloggers push everyday content, the challenges are set to well, uhm, challenge yourself and see if you can do it and what it does for your blog. 

So why I hear you cry am I not taking part?

I don't want to commit to Blogmas this year because in all honesty, I know I wouldn't complete it. I don't want to tie myself to a challenge that I won't complete because I know December will be too busy to schedule anything and sod me if I'm blogging over Christmas Eve and Day itself. 

I have been known to blog every day content for a month or more on end and you'll often find 7 days worth of posts appearing on my site so for me, I don't think I can call it a challenge. And that is by no means saying it isn't difficult, of course it bloody is, that's why, like this month I haven't managed it. Sometimes real life is just too busy to schedule content and as someone who rarely schedules more than a day ahead, having weeks worth of content ready to go just ain't my shebang. 

I'm also finding it a bit tricky to work out whether Blogmas is officially a blogpost for every day or a Christmassy blog post for every day of advent. Heck they might even be different challenges but I sure as hell can't find an official one. Bloggers and vloggers seem to make it work for them in whatever way they find manageable but I for one can't limit myself to Christmas content for the whole month. I've already posted some of my best festive material after all. 

So what can you expect from my blog this December?

I have a planner full of content ideas, of things I have scheduled not written. I have collabs and I have a recipe (I know, who even am I), I have Pinterest inspired DIYS, I have gift guides and I have the old faithful rambly chatty post with no direction like this one. 

I have nothing scheduled but I have a whole lot planned none the less. 

No, for me I need a different challenge for Blogmas, something other than blogging every day and as of yet I don't know what that challenge is, but I know this year ain't it. 

Whilst not taking part in Blogmas myself I LOVE reading every day content from everyone else so if you are taking part, make sure to tweet me or comment your links so I can check on you!














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