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Trends Bloggers Made Me Fall For.

Trends Bloggers Made Me Fall For.


Blogging has brought me many things. New friends, new products, new skills and new thoughts and opinions but one thing I can definitely thank it for is trends. 

I am a sucker for a fad and whether that be for good or bad reasons and whether it's a trend I decide to opt for continuing or not; bloggers definitely made me do it. 

1. Marble & Rose Gold. 

Together. Apart. Whatever it is if it's rose gold and marble I want it. I bought these Primark stationery bits for £2.00 and have yet to use them simply because of the theme and #blogprops. Get me a rose gold iPhone. Get me all the rose gold jewellery. Get me a marble skin for my laptop. Get me rose gold and marble anything because girl can never have enough. I don't know who decided it was a 'thing' but praise be holy moly. 

2. Brows On Fleek. 

Up until about July I was still saying I didn't get the hype around brows. Like sure good brows are a piece of art on the right person and in my eyes that person was anyone with darker eyebrows than me. I can appreciate sculpted black or brown brows on Instagram and give a dammmm gurl on Twitter as much as the next blogger but I just didn't think it suited me. My hair is ginger. My eyebrows are almost not there. My colouring doesn't exactly allow for striking dark makeup, hell I can't even wear black eyeliner. And then. Then I picked up a Primark (of all) brow pencil on a whim and low and behold it's the perfect shade and I am a convert. 

3. Hygge. 

Oh hygge. The blogger trend of 2016 I think we can all agree. This one I have mentioned before because I'm SO ahead of the trends it's just the way of life I live. Except thanks to blogging I now have a name for it and it's popular which basically means I'm cool and I can create content out of it. 

4. Mermaid Hair. 

Admittedly I had pink ombre done when I was still in university but it grew out about this time last year and I was all fine and a ok with that. I'd had my fun, I was pleased to see my normal ginge back again. And then. Bloggers started dying their hair mermaid colours. And then Hannah mentioned she fancied blue dip dye and I was sold. The pink came back in August. Maybe I should rename this one 'Trends Hannah Made Me Fall For.'

5. Leopard Print.

Once upon a time I thought leopard print anything best remain on Albert Square. Now, my very favourite shoes and boots are leopard print, I was eyeing up a coat in Cardiff last week and I think a bag might be next on my list. Trashy? I bloody love it. 

 6. Instagram Themes. 

You ask any of my non blogging friends about Instagram for business, algorithms or Insta themes and they just stare at you blankly. Never heard of Unum? Or the concept of organising your grid? Probs not a blogger. The idea of Instagram themes is definitely a rising trend and probably one that will just stay but it wasn't before my fav bloggers started doing it that I finally gave in and began my (very loose) one. 

7. Cacti.

My Mum is a BIG gardening person but I have never been that green fingered. Until the world of blogging introduced me to the world of cacti and succulents and mini greenhouses and IKEA plants. Now I have a successful collection of 14 which I am managing to keep alive. Just call me Titchmarsh. 

8. Minimalism. 

In an ideal world I would be living in an all white house with pink accents and bare wooden floorboards with a capsule wardrobe. Sadly I am too messy and creative and too much of a hoarder for this to be a reality but that doesn't mean I can obsess over the idea (and pin 230728468723647235463 images for inspo). 

9. Flatlays.

I probs could've guessed what a flatlay was before I bit the blogging bullet but it wasn't a part of my everyday vocab until last year. Now I spend hours mastering it, wishing I was better at it, lusting over everyone else's and wondering how I can interject my generally outdoorsy Insta grid with one. 

10. Bullet Journals. 

Always one for a new stationery or organisational fad, bullet journal was always going to be something I was interested in. All it took was a few of my fav bloggers to do posts and flip throughs on their blogs and I was hot footing it over to get a notebook and practice my best calligraphy. Now my posts on them are my most popular content so at least this one has been a bit more worth while. 

Thank you to the blogging community for enabling me to get involved with trends and palming it off as 'blogging made me do it'. 















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