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My Top 10 Dream Holiday Locations.

My Top 10 Dream Holiday Locations.

Last month I wrote a little photo heavy post all about where you should holiday in the UK and a showed a bit of love for the British seaside. Today I thought I'd share with you the 10 locations around the world I'd go to if money was no object. 

Now if someone could just book it all and pay for me that'd be just dandy. Thanks boo. 

1. African Safari. 

Photo credit and full rights to Virgin Holidays. 

This is definitely the first thing I'd book if I had all the money in the world for a dream holiday. I think it's one of them things you do which is like no other holiday experience, like them ones in an igloo and stuff, it's just not your average holiday. I know a few people who've been on an African safari for honeymoons and as part of gap years and stuff like that and they all come back absolutely raving. It'd have to be a really ethical one though because I know sometimes they can be a bit dodge and I'm really not interested in having my photo taken with a tiger drugged up to it's eyeballs. 

2. Santorini/Mykonos. 

Photo credit and full rights to Secret Escapes. 

The bloggers dream right? I have never seen a photo of Santorini or Mykonos that aren't just bright bright blue and bright bright white, basically that's what the entire place is. I'd love to do these two together for a bit of island hopping and take all the outfit posts and float about in an infinity pool on a giant flamingo or donut or summin like I'm Taylor Swift. I also need a holiday somewhere hot enough to not need to take a jacket out for real. 

3. New York New York. 

Photo credit and full rights to Expedia. 

I mean, is there any point even explaining why? I feel like New York is just one of THEM places that everyone wants to experience at some point and I am no different - I am a walking cliche ok? I actually think in reality I would be a bit scared and overwhelmed as little old me in NYC because country bumpkin and all that but I just want to walk through cute parts of Central Park and stand in the middle of Times Square and do all the other really touristy things in the Big Apple. Also Hannah Gale made me really wanna go to the see so maybe I'd do that too. 

4. Ireland. 

Photo credit and full rights to Ireland.com

I'm hoping this one is a bit more realistic than my other dream holidays but I really fancy a quick hop step and jump over to Ireland. I am desperate to see The Giant's Causeway and when I was looking for photos for this post I stumbled upon a holiday tour that was for Game of Thrones fans??? So that looks insane and we should probably all book it now right? I really want to see Ireland because it's so close to home it's familiar but it just looks so strikingly beautiful I think it needs to be explored by hiring a car and staying in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with no wifi and just loads of blankets and friends. Sounds dreamy. 

5. Venice. 

Photo credit and full rights to Trivago

The only place on my dream holiday wishlist I have actually visited before. I went to Venice in November 2011 with my Foundation Diploma study group to see the Biennale. It was literally like another world, it sounds silly but because EVERYTHING is on the water the novelty of getting a taxi that's a boat and a bus that's a boat never really wears off. One thing I didn't get used to was crossing 'roads' and not having to look for cars, it literally is like nowhere I have ever experienced before and I think that's what you want from a holiday right? To feel like you've totally escaped your everyday? This time around if I were to go again I think I'd like to stay in a posher hotel (I was with uni last time remember) and ideally one of the ones where you get off your gondola straight into the foyer. IMAGINE. 

6. Sydney. 

Photo credit and full rights to Thomas Cook. 

Sydney has been right up there on my to do list since my brother went there for a fortnight in 2011 but I want to go there to basically relive what he did. He went on a trip where they spent the first week or so in the outback planting trees on a conservation project and then travelled down through Oz to end in Sydney as a treat for all they did. They had photos in front of the opera house, they took a speed boat around the bay, they went to the beach, they went to the zoo and they had a pretty bangin sounding Nandos. Oh and they CLIMBED THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE to end it at the top at sunset. Can you even imagine how incredible?

7. Copenhagen. 

Photo credit and full rights to Easyjet. 

There are loads of European city breaks I could have included, I could probs have done an entire post on it *mentally blocks that in for another post*. However, Copenhagen is the newest addition to that list so I thought I'd mention it here. I basically just want to go there so I can take photos of the multi coloured houses and sit and have some really yummy cake or summin and just take it all in. I've seen a few bloggers venturing over there recently and it is only affirming my suspicions it looks like somewhere I need to be...

8. Bora Bora. 

Photo credit and full rights to Kuoni.co.uk

I mean, we're talking dream holidays here people. is this not THE dreamiest? I first heard of Bora Bora when one group of the Real Housewives from somewhere or another went there and I fell in love. I was watching it daytime in uni (lol what degree) and me and my flatmate looked up how much it would cost to stay in one of the proper luxury resorts and HAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG SO MUCH MONEY. I need someone to pay for me to go here plz. I feel like this needs to be done on a luxury budget, like if you're going you may as well go all out and I'd also just really like to spend a day in one of them hammocks that hangs over the water and the fish swim underneath. Can literally feel the sun on me RN. 

9. Edinburgh. 

Photo credit and full rights to Superbreaks. 

Wahhheyyyy a UK location! I mentioned a bit after my UK hols post that there are still loads of places in this country I want to go and Edinburgh is probably top. I have a friend who lives there (hey Hannah if you're reading!) and I really want to go but when you work for yourself even 60 quid plane tickets is too much at the moment. I haven't been to Scotland before and I am really keen to like hire and RV or something and just go there and drive and explore. Edinburgh is top of my city break list for the UK, I want to do the castle, I want to do the zoo and I want to wear ALL the tartan. 

10. Disney. 

Photo credit and full rights to Thomson. 

YASSSSS DISNEY. I have never, not ever, been to any of the Disney parks and I don't even care which one I do as long as I can do one. I think it's pretty high on a lot of people's to do lists and I want to go for long enough to enjoy it all. I want the cheesy themed hotel rooms, I want to dinner with Mickey, I want to meet a princess, I want to do ALL THE RIDES, I want to see the parade, I want to wear the Minnie Mouse ears and buy all the tatty souvenirs but I just think it would be absolutely glorious.  

What's top of your dream holiday wishlist? Have you crossed anything off? 

*Fun fact, the photo was taken in the Eden Project in 2012 but basically looks like a jungle. For reals. 

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