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43 Things You Remember If You Grew Up In Wales.

43 Things You Remember If You Grew Up In Wales.


Being Welsh. For those who are it's maybe the best thing in the world isn't it? 

There's something about being Welsh that makes you part of community, part of something where people understand you, where people get you, where you all have shared memories. 

Here's 43 things you'll know if you grew up in Wales. 

 1. "Bore da Mrs Jones........bore da pawb" (preferably elongated into the longest sentence ever)

2. Being late for school because the sheep are out on the roads. Again. 

3. People asking if you're from England when you're at the airport abroad. Being mortally offended for the rest of your journey. 

4. Either spending your summer holidays in Barry Island or Rhyl. 

 5. "Yma"

6. That feeling when Thank The Lord I'm Welsh starts playing. 

7. Or anything by Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey or the Stereophonics. 

8. The fear when you raise your hand in class to go to the toilet and forget the Welsh....

9. Hating the English. Not sure why. 

10. Knowing St David was the best saint. 

11. Having a Nanny or a Mam Gu.

12. Remembering your first night on Chippy Lane like it was the best night of your life. 

13. Swiftly following by Wind Street in Swansea. 

14. Not ever having a phone signal or internet. 

15. Rolling your eyes when people complain about the Severn Bridge tolls because bitch you know, you have to pay NEARLY SEVEN QUID to get back into your own country. 

16. Having a Taid or a Bampi. 

17. Constant sheep shagger rumours. 

18. Going to Snowdon and taking the train up, having a photo and then immediately come back down. 

19. Welsh cakes. Say no more. 

20. Channel 4 is not number 4 on the TV guide. 

21. Remembering the Millennium Stadium before it was renamed the Principality. Heathens. 

22. Feeling quite offended when you see leeks or daffodils in England. 

23. Knowing the Welsh flag is the far superior flag. 

24. That buzz when you see the 'Welcome to Wales' sign. 

25. Visiting Techniquest, St Fagans and 20 million castles on your school trips. 

26. Derek the weather man. 

27. Donkey rides on the beach at Llandudno or Porthcawl. 

28. Bonnets, rugby shirts, checkered skirts, pinny's and Dai caps - can only mean Eisteddford.

29. Not knowing the national anthem but knowing all the words to Delilah. 

30. Knowing what lush is. Not a shop that's for sure. 

31. Having no access to buses or trains or even knowing what the tube or a tram is. 

32. "Nos da cariad" being the perfect way to send you to sleep. 

33. Feeling like a boss because you can sing Happy Birthday in two languages. 

34. Also knowing how to say Merry Christmas in two languages. 

35. Knowing what a cwtch is. Also knowing a hug won't cut it. 

36. Winning the handwriting certificate on St David's day and feeling like a right boss. 

37. Everyone outside of Wales being disappointed at your lack of Welsh accent. 

38. Or taking the piss if you do have one. 

39. Screaming GWLLAAAADDDDD when the rugby is on because that's the only bit you know. 

40. Knowing Drenched is really called Hydro at Oakwood. 

41. Being taught to say llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

42. Knowing you REALLY relate to Gavin & Stacey in a way nobody else will. 

43. Forgetting all Welsh language promptly 30 seconds after leaving secondary school. 
















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