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Things University Taught Me.

Things University Taught Me.

Graduation October 2015. 

Graduation October 2015. 

Wahhh hayyy bet you weren't expecting this post today (lul of course you were). Following on from things school taught me and things my year out taught me, naturally here's 30 things university taught me that I might not have expected on the syllabus. 

1. It takes longer to get to North Wales than it does if I went to uni on the M4 corridor. 

2. An en suite is life changing. 

3. You can leave the cake baking utensils at home babe, you ain't gunna use them. 

4. Coming home to watch Hilary Duff movies after a night out is the perfect end to Freshers. 

5. Hey Now from the Lizzie McGuire movie is a banger of a tune. 

6. Alton Towers is the BEST way to spend your 20th birthday. 

7. Alton Towers scare fest tower of terror is horrific. Don't do it. One of you will come out crying. 

8. Alton Towers is the BEST way to spend your last day at university. 

9. You think you're poor but trust me, you're richer than you'll be for a long time after you graduate. 

10. Wrexham at 3am is dangerous. 

11. Watching movies at the cinema at 12am will make you feel like a rebellious boss. You cray. 

12. Make more time to go to Chester zoo. 3 times in 3 years isn't enough. 

13. These are some of the funniest days of your life. 

14. You'll have more drama and stress an strife but when you graduate you'll only remember the fun.

15. Flatmates don't last forever.

16. The room overlooking the student union isn't going to work for you, ask to move rooms sooner, the 6 weeks of no sleep isn't good for you. 

17. Eat fruit, you'll have a bit of a dizzy spell circa October 2012 and it'll put you in a right funk. 

18. Go home as much or as little as you want to, don't let nobody tell you otherwise. 

19. Buying an iPhone with your first student loan is not a responsible move. 

20. The marking system is baffling, don't even try and figure it out. 

21. You'll be in a LOT of of debt for this, make the bloody most of it. 

22. You'll really miss living in a town when you go back to a village, enjoy having everything in walking distance. 

23. Having 2 meals a night and a lot of McDonalds is not going to help you and you will put on 3 stone. Soz. 

24. Save a grand of your student loan, you'll have to buy a car when you graduate. 

25. An Macbook is a lifesaver. 

26. Make time for more adventures, the last 6 weeks is a little late. 

27. Visiting the Coca Cola Truck tour is the perfect way to start your Christmassy season. 

28. Liverpool shopping is FABULOUS. 

29. These are the best years of your life for finding yourself and your independence and managing on your own without your boyfriend and your parents, you are the bomb and the friends you make are too. 

30. Your third year will throw up the hardest challenges you've ever faced and you'll be 4 hours away from home to deal with it but you'll get through it, you'll boss it and you'll still graduate with a 2:1. You go girl. 

University Homeware Wishlist.

University Homeware Wishlist.

Things My Year Out Taught Me.

Things My Year Out Taught Me.