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Things To Do This Halloween.

Things To Do This Halloween.


It might have escaped your knowledge but it's Halloween at the end of this month and people are getting pretty excited about it. 

I always think in Britain all of the shops are full of decorations and we're all banging on about pumpkin patches but I don't know anyone who really goes full out for the event. That's why I love American feeds in 'Fall'. They luuuuuuuh Halloween and they get right on it, celebrating for the whole month and I think we all need to take a leaf out of their book.*

It's only since spending time with my boyfriend's family at Halloween that I've started doing a bit more to celebrate. They lived in the States for a while and have collected a bunch of fairy lights, skeletons, pumpkins, candles and spiders that they decorate the house with and we always carve pumpkins and get a goody bag of sweets (we're all in our twenties). Last year we even had a piñata. 

Here's a few ideas on what to do this Halloween!

*Like just Halloween obvs, we don't need our own Donald Trump. 

1. Dress Up. 

Let's get the obvious out of the way first shall we? Dressing up is the staple of Halloween. Personally I hate dressing up. I know I know, spoilsport and all that. I just find it awkward and uncomfortable and want to go home and get out of my costume immediately. But ya know, if it's your thang I think Halloween is your time. 

2. Bobbing Apples.

Or ducking apples, whatever you want to call it. We ALWAYS used to do this on Halloween, it was the only thing we did do (apart from the standard school disco) and my Dad would ALWAYS slam mine and my brother's face into the water. Charming. It's the one memory though that always brings Halloween as a kid back to me and I'd like to continue the tradition. Just make sure you tie your hair up and get a lot of spare towels out. 

3. Trick Or Treat. 

I mean, standard. Personally I think a lot of people, particularly the elderly, get a bit frightened of a group of twenty somethings knocking at the door so I won't be trick or treating this year but make sure you have some goodies in for any little ones that might be popping by. The supermarkets have some gorgeous multi packs of sweets that are super cheap so pick some up on your way home and put up a few decorations on the front door. 

4. Go Out For Drinks. 

Yasss it's a school night but hey, live life to the edge and all that. It doesn't have to be a heavy session but pubs and clubs and bars will have Halloween themed events on and even if you just have one spooky sounding cocktail it counts right?

5. Escape Rooms. 

If you read my blog last weekend you'll have seen in September I did my first escape rooms at Escape Reality Cardiff and I am itching to do another. There are Halloween themes Escape Rooms all across Britain and if you're looking for an alternative way to spend the evening I can't recommend it enough. As scary or as tame as you like it you can book to suit your scaredy cat levels and your party size and spend the evening solving clues.

6. Zombie Walk. 

Similarly, there's all kinds of zombie walks and events scattered all around the UK from entire city takeovers to essentially big games of tag in warehouses, if you hop on Google you're bound to find one near enough to you. Personally I think I'd be a bit of a wimp, I don't like people jumping out at me, I don't like jump scares at all but it does sound like a lot of fun. 

7. Alton Towers Scarefest. 

I appreciate other theme parks do Halloween themed events but I have only ever done the Alton Towers one so I can't comment on how good the others are. I know Alton Towers are rightfully in a lot of bad press but I went to scarefest in October when I was in university and it was uhhhhhmazing. There's events and decorations and stuff for kids and stuff for bigger kids and the Tower of Terrors and best of all the park is open later into the event, I got a full 12 hours there and it was magical going on the rides in the dark all bundled up in scarves and big jumpers. 

8. Pumpkin It. 

Whether you carve a pumpkin, eat a pumpkin pie or visit a pumpkin patch, it's the most Autumnal thing you could do. Pick your own fruit farms are latching on to the idea of American style pumpkin patches are there are loads cropping up all over the place. Get the wellies on and the flask of coffee out and get your butt down there with a group of pals. 

9. English Heritage. 

Another slightly more unconventional one and events I hadn't heard of before researching for this post; The English Heritage at Halloween. They've got a whole bunch of events from haunted houses and castles to spooky storytelling and loads of them are illuminated which is a sight to behold by all accounts.

10. Halloween In The Capital. 

If you're in London, nearby or just fancy treating yo self to booking a trip away, this website of Halloween events in London sound insane. I literally don't even know what I would book but the banquet with the Twits sounds amazing, The Woman In Black at the theatre would freak me out but the events at the aquarium and the zoo sound incredible. And omg don't get me started on some of the haunted walks. 

Whatever you do this Halloween do it safely, do it as scary as you want it and remember some people might not enjoy it as much as you. 







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