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Things School Taught Me.

Things School Taught Me.

My first day of school circa 1996. 

My first day of school circa 1996. 

It's a bit late in the day to be posting but if you follow me on Instagram (if you don't you should be) you'll know I was working with the family cider bizz and this is the first time I'm on my laptop let alone blogging. 

This week I am, for the first time in my blogs history, working on just one topic for a whoooole week, yup - I have a mini series going on. 

That time of year is around again when all the Freshers nervously pack up their bags and all the second, third and even fourth years bung a few bits in the car and head off back to university. With that in mind I have a whole week's worth of content tailored toward life as a student, Freshers, graduates, university life and education. 

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start;

Things School Taught Me. 

1. Being a bridesmaid for your auntie is cool when you're 5 but you'll still be gutted to find out they made painted butterflies when you were away. 

2. Drawing on the school walls with crayons is not ok. 

3. When you fall over and cut all your knee it's probs better to go put your PE shorts on not just walking round in your skirt with your tights round your ankles. 

4. Your brother being in the year below is actually the best thing. 

5. Nobody cares about your GCSEs- don't panic. 

6. Similarly, your A Levels aren't the be all and end all of your life. 

7. Taking Welsh A Level a year early is a good idea. 

8. Welsh Baccalaureate is a pile of wank. 

9. You don't need to buy ALL the PE kit on the recommended list, you won't wear the branded socks and the rugby boots are a waste of money. 

10. Maths is NOT your forte. 

11. Neither is science. 

12. You're super good at the ropes in PE. 

13. You're super good at running in PE. 

14. That's pretty much all you're good at in PE. 

15. Teddy bears make the best sports day mascot. 

16. Wearing denim shorts on sports day is not 100% practical but is as sassy as you predicted. 

17. Don't attempt the horse in gymnastics, you'll do a somersault, fall on your arse, everyone will laugh at you but you'll really fuck up your leg. 

18. When you get into the tennis finals by some miracle you need to wear tennis whites NOT your green house colour kit. Your mum doesn't know, everyone else will be in white and it'll stick out as one of THE most embarrassing things you've ever experienced. 

19. At 15 you do NOT love that boy who you think you love that doesn't give you the time of day. 

20. Whatever you do, do NOT tell the boys you fancy that you like them. 

21. Except the one you like when you're 17, he likes you too and you'll still be together 6 years later. 

22. Being type cast as a fairy in every school play is A OK, one year you'll be Sneezy and another year you'll be 'Mother', the fairy is the role you were born to play. 

23. Keep that Valentines day card you got from a reception boy when you were in year 2, it's the cutest thing ever and the only Valentines card you'll get from someone who isn't a boyfriend. 

24. School discos are  the social event of the year. 

25. It is shady that your bestie bought the same kitten heels for the year 6 disco after you bought them, you thought right. 

26. You don't need to attend the French Exchange disco when you're 14 cos 'everyone' is going. You don't even do a French Exchange, it's a shite disco anyway. 

27. You'll still be friends with the same pals from when you were 11 when you're 24. 

28. Get layers done in your hair, everyone will LOVE it and you'll feel like the baddest bitch in year 9. 

29. Blue eyeshadow isn't a good look for you boo. 

30. You'll LOVE school even though it's not cool to say that and you'll be so sad to leave but honestly, there's better things to come don't you worry. 





What lessons did school teach you?






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