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6 Social Media Updates We Need.

iPhone 5C apps. 

iPhone 5C apps. 

On a side note before we get into the world of apps, does anyone else like seeing people's iPhones and seeing how they arrange their apps and what the put on their bottom bar or just me? K.

So the Instagram algorithm is *probably* still happening (do we even know?), the Facebook reactions almost gave us the dislike button and Twitter had confetti but have the designers and creators really been listening to what social media updates us users want?

Here's what I'm calling for;

1. Edit Button On Twitter. 

Yes I know Twitter is meant to be impulsive and that's the beauty of it but seriously, the amount of times I have had to delete a tweet because of a career ruining (maybs an exaggeration but hey, you never know) spelling error just to re write and re post is ridic. You never know who will have seen that tweet and judged you on your mis use of their not they're in the time it took you to realise and DELETE FFS DELETE. 

2. Clickable Links on Instagram. 

I don't think this one is too much to ask. I can't see how it wouldn't be anything BUT good for Instagram especially if the new changes are coming in. With people so worried about the engagement dropping on their posts, surely clickable links is the answer to keeping a following, building an engagement with your audience and the sponsored content that seems to be filtering into my feed more and more would surely benefit if a user can just link one little hyperlink? No?

3. Automatic Transitions on Snapchat. 

Just plz go back to how we were. Automatically jumping from user to user in the 'My Story' section is pissing about with my mind and I keep thinking my friends are hanging out with Kardashians. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

4. Scheduling App for Instagram. 

Ok so I know Latergramme and Hootsuite are a god send for those of us who run multiple Instagram accounts and need to schedule our posts much like we do on Twitter but they don't *actually* schedule it for us. You schedule, they send you a reminder when it's time, you still have to log into the app, upload, copy your caption over and add the hashtags providing the reason you scheduled wasn't because you were busy or wouldn't have 4G. If someone could give me an app that ACTUALLY posts the photos and accompanying caption and hashtags (preferably in an adjoining comment) that would be ideal. 

5. Ten+ Tweets on Buffer.

Ok not necessarily just on Buffer but seriously, some kind of app that let's you schedule more than 10 updates a day without making you pay 7482375836854365 amount for the luxury. 

6. Analytics on Twitter. 

Analytics on Twitter online is a god send, the depth of knowledge and insight it gives you, the comparisons between last month and the next, the individual tweet successes...it is AMAZING and if you use social media for your business it is invaluable. So it's a bit unfortunate when so many of us in this smartphone generation tweet solely from the app that the analytics are much more stressful to get a hold of. 


What social media updates do you want to see? What would make your life easier? Let me know in the comments! 




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