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Social Media Stats; January 2017.

Social Media Stats; January 2017.

Social Media Stats: January 2017

Social Media Stats: January 2017

I'm going to jump right in with a 'I have no idea what happened to my blog this month'. I feel like I say that every month, like 'omg lol I had the best stats month and I don't know how' but this month has genuinely been the weirdest anomaly in Twenty Something Meltdown history and I am not quite sure what happened. 

As ever my viral pins on Pinterest generated a healthy amount of traffic but my Google Analytics this month? Bonkers. 

Like just wait till you get to them at the bottom of this report. Idk. 



Guess who managed three whole Twitter chats this month?? -insert celebration emojis here- Three whole chats, I am a disgrace. Every month I say I'll do more, every month my personal life gets busier, every month I miss chats, every month I feel sad I haven't connected enough with the community. And yet I never change. 

I also barely scheduled tweets again which I kinda like because I don't want to spam and my stats aren't affected but also I really need to big up my advertising slots and my shop and uh, I don't. 

I only tweeted a measly 400 times which considering a Twitter chat takes up a good few is poor and probably the lowest since I set up my account last year. Funnily enough my impressions were down to 66K which is the lowest it's been since March 2016 but my profile visits were up slightly even though my mentions went down. 

I also had 135 new followers last month which tipped me ever so nicely over the 3000 mark for the year which I was silent about because lol we all know you lose about half your following if you whisper the word milestone. 


Again, little to report this month although my viral pins had a bit of a moment again. I had 1.9K followers in December and I'm just about at 2100 so I'm building reasonably quickly but nothing like last July when I got around 100 per week. Lest we forget the board I deleted accidentally with half my followers </3 


Hate. Hate. Hate. Bane of my life. Hate. I ended last month with 347 followers and now I have 398 so it's growing quicker than every other month but lord knows I'll never be the most popular on there. 

Google Analytics;

Here we go. I generally get around 1000 views a day, around 30,000 pageviews a month and have done for quite a while now. And then last month I had 44K and was all oh ok this is weird, long may this continue. And then within the first week of 2017 I had 15,000 pageviews.

In January I had 64,007 pageviews. Yuh huh. 64K. In a month. 

That means by my blogs first birthday I had achieved 280K overall pageviews and by the end of January it was a cool 288K. There was a point where I was like wouldn't it be sweet to end the blogging year on 300K but it's fine, I'm fine. 

(Seriously, that's sarcasm)

In the 4 days of February I have had nearly 5000 pageviews so things have returned more to normal but holy moly what a month. 

So the start to 2017 wasn't all too shabby for me - here's looking toward a happy blogging year to come, both on social media and in real life!















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