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Social Media Stats; December 2016

Social Media Stats; December 2016

Social Media Stats; December 2016.

Social Media Stats; December 2016.

November was a weird one for me, I think I've mentioned this countless times now. I lost my enthusiasm for my blog in a way, I wanted to write but I just wasn't feeling pleased with the final content so I missed a week of posting. 


My stats were better than the previous few months without me promoting, without my scheduling of tweets or promos or anything remotely good blogger practice. And I was, quite frankly baffled. 

This month I was hideously busy, I only managed 2 Twitter chats, I barely scheduled, I barely live tweeted, my promos were awful...so naturally I had the best stats month of the entire year. 

Mate I don't even know.



Like I mentioned above, I wasn't all that alive on Twitter again this month. If I'm busy Twitter is the one thing that I cut wild and free and let it live it's life without me and generally it slacks stats wise, which is totally understandable. 

Long gone are the months where I have over 500 new followers and over 200K views. Those are back in the heat of summer and now we're well into Winter, the stats have dropped with the temperature. 

I was even worse in November though so whilst December was an improvement on the previous month, it's generally downhill from the rest of the year. 

Overall I tweeted just over 600 times, around 150 more than in November which earned me nearly 100K impressions - up from 77K last month. I actually had less profile visits than November but had around 60 more mentions at just over 600. However I only got 180 odd new followers which is a bit pants. Come give me some love! 


Pinterest, whilst still my top referral to my blog is a slow burner these days. Since I lost 600 followers overnight cos lol glitches, I am slowly building my following back up and gained 200 followers to take me back to 1.9K. 


Jesus christ the bane of my life. I am massively resisting the urge to go on a massive following spree because I KNOW people say that's the way to build your following but it just feels a bit beuuuurgh. I had 326 followers at the end of November and now I have 347. It's a slow one. 

Google Analytics;

In November I hit 150K all time pageviews so I was feeling pretty good about myself and then December happened and fuck knows what went on. I had well over my normal 1000 pageviews a day, mainly 1500 + and then the last week of the month something mental happened and I was getting 2000, 3000, nearly 4000 pageviews and whadda ya know, I hit 200K all time pageviews before Christmas day. 

I ended the month with 44,256 pageviews from 24,676 users which means in 2016 I had 223,926 pageviews which is madddddd considering I only started proper blogging at the end of January 2016. 

And that's it! The last social media stats of 2016 which means another year of the blog over and all that's left to say is a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has given this little blog a bit of love and made my stats a joy to obsess over. I love the bones off the lot of you. 














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