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Social Media & Blog Statistics - June 2018

Social Media & Blog Statistics - June 2018

If you read yesterday's monthly round up it'll come as no surprise to you that this blog stats and social media report might be a bit of a sorry state of affairs. I don't really know how many of these I'll keep doing, I don't massively enjoy writing them anymore and the blogging world is currently on a bit of a downer, we all know that. 

That being said, we are doing it for this months so we have a definite reflection of the past 6 months so here we are. It's hard to look back over the first few months of the year and see stats falling and falling but I feel like at the moment everyone is in the same position. It's also difficult when you're on a constant downward spiral from the start because January is always a corker of a month when you have some viral bullet journal pins floating about. 

But enough waffling, onto the stats of the last 30 odd days. 


I mentioned in last month's social media stats write up that I went through my following and blocked anyone that looked creepy or looked like a bot or fake account which meant I sacrificed my hard worked for 1.2K following and went back down to 1120. I have been trying to weedle them out as they come in but I suspect there's still a few in there somewhere. My following sits at 1125 at the moment which is back to the old days of 'gain 10 new followers a day, number never goes up' which has got seriously old. 

What's more interesting though is engagement, my likes have been way down than normal, averaging just 50 likes a piece and I have only tipped 100 two times this month. However, my Insta stories are watched by more and more people on the reg and I get soooo many DM's and responses to them which I always find interesting to see. I also am loving Instagram more as a user again, I am enjoying my own theme more and having a chronological feed is just a million times better, knowing I am seeing everything from everyone I follow. 


Very little to report on the ol' Twitter account I am afraid. I tried I really did, my habit tracker says I scheduled tweets for the majority of the month but I barely engaged with ya'll and I certainly didn't follow anyone new or join in chats. I literally cannot remember the last time I did either of those things. 

I did tweet more in June, up from May with 261 tweets which in fairness, really isn't all that much. My tweet impressions were about the same, this month being 48.7K whereas May was 49 and my profile visits and mentions dropped too at 641 and 67 respectively. It's funny isn't it what a difference it makes when all you're posting is promo but not engaging with anyone or posting live content - surprisingly enough nobody engages with you either. I also lost 4 followers despite gaining many per day so my following stands at 3728.


I had a few big pinning sprees in June and it showed slightly in the growth of my following. In this hot weather there is nothing I like more than to while away the hours relaxing in the garden scrolling my phone (#millennial) and Pinterest gives me the chance to do that, plus look at pretty things plus be active enough to get new followers. Win win. 

At the end of May I had 4350 followers and now I have 4502 so that's a healthy little jump and hopefully one that may continue to grow. My impressions dropped however down from 937K to 823K and I think that's largely to do with the fact I've had no new bullet journal content of late so I guess I need to up my game on that front and see how we go. 

Google Analytics; 

Between April and May I reported that I had a drop in my page views but it was only by about 100 views so was hardly the drama of the century. This month however, between May and June I had a drop of about 3K which is more of a substantial one. There's very little to be said for my Google Analytics this month, I had 17,278 page views from just over 10K people and my bounce rate was a bit higher than normal, probably because I didn't produce that much original content but people were still looking at my old bullet journal content. However, the good news is my DA is still on 26 which it has been for months now so I always take comfort from that. 

I think the problem with my blog stats stems from a lot of things, lots of which I want to go into further in other blog posts. I think it comes down to people are reading less blogs, I am not creating nor promoting shareable content and I haven't come up with any groundbreaking bullet journal content for a while. All of which I have thoughts on for another time. 

And there we are - two blog posts in two days, who even am I? Maybe I am changed for good, maybe I just had a quiet evening, who really knows. I actually have blog content ideas for the month, I do really want to write and I have so much to say. Maybe, just maybe, it'll come into fruition just one of these days. 













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