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The Real Neat Blog Award

The Real Neat Blog Award

FYI this is the banner on my 'About Me' page and it's the sassiest most colourful my life has ever looked. Not wishing for summer over here.....

FYI this is the banner on my 'About Me' page and it's the sassiest most colourful my life has ever looked. Not wishing for summer over here.....

About a million years ago the gorgeous Steph from Steph's World tagged me in 2 blogger tags after taking part in her Christmas Q&A (which I loved for the record). 

After working in my new years content and then being ill  - have I mentioned that already? - I am only just getting round to filling in my answers but luckily I am away for 2 days in Manchester which gave me the perfect opportunity! 

The Real Neat Blog Award rules are much like many of the bloggers tags floating around;

  • Thank and link the blogger who tagged you. 
  • Answer the 7 questions they asked. 
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers.
  • Ask 7 questions!

Pretty easy if you ask me so a big old thank you and squish for the lovely Steph for her tag and without further ado - here we go...... 

1. If you wasn’t a blogger, what would you be doing to fill your spare time?

I don't even remember what I used to do before I blogged in my spare time? Wasted time I imagine. I blog now alongside watching tv and chilling out in the evenings so I guess I just watched them? More realistically I think I watched tv and scrolled on my phone and texted my friends. I am just a delight. 

2. What question do you always hate to answer? Maybe this one?

Hahaha not this one! Although it is tricky! I always find it awkward when people ask how to pronounce my name, I feel really self conscious and just go OH IT'S FINE I'LL ANSWER TO ANYTHING. People inevitably get it wrong and I'm so incredibly British I never ever correct them. 

3. What is your favourite time of the year and why?

I think I have decided it's Autumn. I bloody love Summer and the light nights and the long drives and the warmer (I wish) weather but every summer inevitably I find myself longing for the scarves and cosiness of Autumn. 

4. Did you find it easy to find the blogging community and do you find it easy to fit in?

Once I actually bothered to put in some effort I found it easy! I blogged technically with no real purpose since late 2015 but in January 2016 I moved to this name and this format and I took an interest in the blogging community, took part in some chats and found some of my favourite blogs (and bloggers) from there!

5. If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

Anything right this second? Go to bed. I am literally middle aged it's 9pm. I am still a bit poorly and I am writing this before I go to Manchester and I just neeeeeed me some sleep. The sacrifices I make to get content out for you guys ay?

6. If you could only shop in one shop forever, which one would it be?

Primark. I am the worst. Every day at least 90% of what I am wearing is Primark, I am a Primark whore. Plus they do homeware and shoes so I'm basically set for life right?

7. Do you go to anyone for advice either in personal life or blogging?

I don't really seek out advice in life if that makes sense? Going to someone to ask for advice seems quite formal, I feel like I just voice my opinions and my life to my parents and boyfriends parents and they just help if they can. Blogging wise I have a Whatsapp group with the picnic gals who I always go to for tech and blogging advice. They are baes. Literally. That's what the chat is called.


Huge huge huge love for Steph for tagging me in this award but I'm not going to nominate anyone, I don't know who has done one, who hasn't, who doesn't want to do one etc etc etc.


If you DO want to take up the tag please do and please let me know on Twitter if you did it any enjoyed it! 

Here's your 7 questions;

1. What made you want to do the tag?!

2. What's one thing you want to achieve in 2017? 

3. Where do you aim to take your blog this year?

4. How do you find the Instagram algorithm?

5. What thing (blogging or otherwise) are you most looking forward to this year?

6. Do you find the blogging community supportive or otherwise?

7. Have you ever taken part in a blogging series/collab or guest post? How did you find it?














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