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5 Quotes To Get You Through The Month - June 2016.

5 Quotes To Get You Through The Month - June 2016.

I started this feature back in February if you're new and not familiar with it and I like to normally get it out at on the first of the month but hey, NYE resolutions and EU referendums and Friday Favs and whadda ya know, we're already on the 4th. 

This post is a few quotes I've chosen from Pinterest (all links below the images as always) to see us through the next 30 days and out the other side. Use them as your phone background, print them off, stick them to your wall, pop them in your bullet journal....use them as your mantras for June 2016. 

1. Summer Is A State Of Mind. 

Well I had to kick off with a quote about summer didn't I? Forget your quotes about flip flops and sandy hair and salty kisses, I think this one just sums up the essence of the season. Because really, REALLY what changes in summer? We have warmer weather, we maybe have a holiday booked and we can start looking at shorts and sandals in the shops again but for most of us 'summer' last right from June to September. Unless you're still at school or uni, you don't have a definitive start and end to summer in grown up adult life - I know, horrific. For most of us day in day out we still do the same things. We still go to work, we still do the commute, we still watch the same programmes on TV and see the same friends and family on weekends but it just FEELS better because SUMMMMMMMMMA2K16. That is why I firmly believe summer is a state of mind because whilst we might not change up our routine, it just is 10x better. 

2. Courage - We Bought A Zoo. 

Is this not just the most glorious of quotes? If this doesn't get you all motivated and fired up and HELL YASSS GURL YOU SLAYIN YOU CAN DO THIS I don't know what will. I suggest we all have this one saved on our camera rolls for when we need a little extra oomf this month to be brave and get shit done. To apply for that job, to accept that interview, to tell that guy how you feel, to make the first move, to go somewhere new, to do something new, to say yes to an invite you normally wouldn't go to. To just DO something, something wild and something that might scare us just a little bit because as the quote says, something amazing might come of it. And we all know the quotes don't lie. 

3. Spend Time Alone Replenishing Your Spirit. 

I am a firm believer of the old 'you need to love yourself before someone can love you.' Everyone has hang ups. everyone is insecure, I get that and that's not what I mean but I believe we need to be 99% ok with ourselves before we let someone else in because depending on someone else 100% is not healthy. I appreciate alone time now I live with my boyfriend and work in my parents house because it is something I so rarely get. I think it's hugely important to take time out for yourself and work on you and be ok with being alone. You need not rely on anyone else for your own happiness because you got it pal. This June I recommend spending some time on your todd and doing something for you that you enjoy and don't spend the whole time wishing you were with someone else. 

4. It's The Little Things That Save Us. 

For any of the quotes included in this month's review this is the one that I think sums me up the best. I have ALWAYS said it's the little things and I have always tried to take note of them and appreciate them. I write them down, I remember them, I even took a photo of one a day for a year and they are what I thrive on. This quote for me just sums it up. One of my happiest places is going on a drive late on a summers night when the sun is just setting, preferably near the sea but tbh anywhere will do me, with the windows down and the music up and just singing your heart out and chatting about anything with your family or friends or other half. It is the smallest of things that can set me up for weeks on a high on life. Take time this month to take stock of the little things you love, that are good for your mental health and then write them down and vow to continue to do them regularly!

5. The Privilege Of Meeting You. 

Bit of a soppy one to end nawww. I was actually on the hunt for a good 500 Days Of Summer quote because I thought summer, film, nice tie in to June but I couldn't find one that was just right for what I wanted. And then the 'similar' function on Pinterest came up trumps once again and landed me with this cutie. I just think every now and then we need to stop and take stock of this quote. Of all the people in the world, the ones you came into contact with were put there for a reason. The flat mates you just happened to live with in your first year of uni. The guy you met on a night out. The person you KEPT seeing on your way to work. All the people whose lives just randomly interconnect with ours, of all the people in the world, of all the places in the world. Think of the amount of stories you hear about couples who get together because one of them just happened to be in the other ones local bar out of a series of events that wouldn't normally have put them there. Sometimes you just gotta accept it's fate and everyone was put in your life for a reason. What a way to make you feel tiny in a planet of so many people. 


May your June bring the sunniest of British summers and a pay rise so you can finally go get those Topshop shoes you've been dreaming of. -insert praying hands emoji here-

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