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Pinspiration - November 2017

Pinspiration - November 2017

Pinspiration; November 2017

Pinspiration; November 2017

Oh hello it's the festive period. I am one of those people I'm sure 50% of you hate who consider anything after Halloween just the run up to Christmas. I'm sure the other 50% of you are with me in your cheer and joy. 

I don't go crazy, I don't put the tree up yet or start singing carols but I might have a cheeky listen to my Now That's What I Call Christmas cd in a few weeks and I definitely start thinking about presents. 

As well as starting to think about gift lists and xmas blog content, November is set to be a busy one for me personally as well. My business is booming this side of the year and the cider season means I'm out selling pretty much from now until December 23rd, if not at several events per weekend! I also am in Dorset for a cheeky weekend away with Joss in a fortnight, away in Manchester at the end of the month and have tickets for the Wales autumn internationals as well. 

I am pretty excited for what this month holds ngl. 

Left - Right

001 - Doorway

002 - Pile of jumpers

003 - Holding autumn leaves

004 - Misty woods

005 - Firepits

006 - Stack of pumpkins

007 - Hot coffee

008 - Autumn leaves lining the streets

009 - Acorns

010 - Gold pumpkins

011 - Autumn letter board

012 - Paris evenings

013 - Frosty mornings

014 - Hello November

015 - Pile of acorns

016 - November bullet journal

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