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Negativity In The Bloggersphere.

Negativity In The Bloggersphere.

You might have seen this title flitting it's way around Twitter and Bloglovin, we all have something to say on it and we don't really have a better title so here we are. 

I remember a few months back being part of a Twitter chat where we were discussing positivity in blogging and one of the questions asked was had we ever experienced any negativity? I really hadn't and hadn't even seen any but I remember people talking about arguments, about bitchy girls, about snide comments and high school behaviour and I was pretty shocked. 

Flash forward to just a few weeks ago, if you were on Twitter on a particular night during a particular chat you couldn't possibly miss negativity in the bloggersphere in a BIG way. The drama was unreal, the comments were unreal, the tweets and the language used and the childish nature of it was unreal. And people just kept wading in, the chat was forgotten and if I was the host I would have been heartbroken.

I've seen a lot lately of bloggers discussing and writing posts in being positive in the blogging community and basically why it's a pile of wank. I've seen posts on why being positive all the time isn't being real and some users getting really irate at the idea of other users promoting positivity and I find the whole thing a bit mental. 

No I don't think you can be positive all the time, I don't find it sustainable to my own life, I think it is healthy to have a bit of a brain dump and have a little complain but I am annoyed that people on my Twitter feed say the opposite? No way. Who am I to tell anyone they shouldn't promote a positive life because it isn't sustainable? Maybe for them it is sustainable. Maybe for them promoting positive vibes on their blog and on their feed is a way of feeling better when other parts of their lives are a bit worse for wear. 

Isn't the whole point of blogging, of having our own little space on the internet because we each have our own views, own own opinions and our own way of writing? Give 50 bloggers the same blog title or topic and all 50 will write something different BECAUSE THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT. We are unique, we are our brands, we are our selling points and our USPs and our niches. 

So why does one blogger get to tell another that they shouldn't be so bloody positive? And one should one blogger tell another to stop moaning because the blogging community is a positive one? 

It is our own opinion. It is our own way of dealing with things and our own way of coping. It is our own way of writing if I want to have a bit of a mope and if someone else wants to excude happiness. That's the essence of what we do. 

I was all prepared for different opinions on Twitter and in blogging. I am all for freedom of speech and having discussions and putting our own views across. I think it is healthy, I think it is very true to life and I think it's important. 

What I didn't sign up to see was full blown arguments like I'm in school again. We all grew up from the girls we were at 15, so why has social media reduced us to that again? To bullying, to trolling, to being bitches.

I respect other people's opinions, I think we can quite feasibly tweet someone else like 'I don't really agree' and a civil discussion be had. I think it's ridiculous that somehow a discussion ends up  being a whole bunch of tweets calling each other fucking pricks and sluts because really, why are you even bothering to tweet eachother? You have nothing to say, please go offline. 

In the end, I'm sad that negativity in the bloggersphere found it's way onto my feed, not because I don't think there is any and not because I don't agree with it. Mope all you want, complain all you want, vent all you want, promote happiness all you want, big eachother up all you want, but at the end of the day there's just no need to be downright nasty to someone. 


Would love to know someone else's thoughts on this! Leave me a comment!





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