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My Month In Photos - September 2017.

My Month In Photos - September 2017.

My Month In Photos - September 2017. 

My Month In Photos - September 2017. 

Normally I start all of these posts with a 'how on earth is is already the next month why won't this year slow down" but this time round I'm actually quite excited it's nearly October. Every year I try and convince myself that Summer is my favourite season but every time Autumn rolls round again I remember that no, this is definitely when I come alive. 

October is my birthday month and was always half term as well at school so always full of fun and now whilst it might not quite be the same now I'm an old fogey (I'll be turning 25 on the 17th) there's still something magical about October. It's the leaves, it's the chill in the air, it's Halloween and Bonfire Night is creeping up and hearty meals and blankets and oh gosh it's all quite exciting isn't it? 

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, here's what I got up to in September. 

What I Did;

The beginning of September feels like a long old time ago now and at the same time the weekend away with the gals seems like 2 minutes ago. The first fortnight of the month was definitely family orientated, we had Joss' family home with us from America for a fortnight and because they're obviously not home very much the rest of the family descended on us too. We had one set of Auntie and Uncle and cousins and Granny one weekend, a few days later we had another set, we had takeaways and roast dinners and meals out and it was flippin lovely to see them all. Mid month I took my brother, boyfriend and my future sister in law to Escape Reality Cardiff for a blog review which was a lot of fun and me and my Mum went to Cardiff last week shopping and also took my niece to Bute Park for a run around. This week I went shopping again with my Mum (someone stop us), saw my grandparents, babysat my niece and had Joss' Granny stay and then went on a long ol' roadtrip to take her home late Wednesday night. But of course, by far the most enjoyable part of this month and the thing that set it apart was the weekend away with my blog babes. I'd been looking forward to it for so long and it was SO lovely and I am pining after my time with these fab gals until we do it again. 

What I Watched; 

My TV planner got to 40% free the other day. I have slowly been working my way through all my recordings and I think we're only down to about 30 odd programmes left to catch up on so we're doing pretty good (plz note the sarcasm). It's like we go to catch up on TV and feasibly you can only get about 3 hours in an evening between tea and bed but whilst you're doing that, there's 5 new programmes starting again? I've only just finished Trust Me from BBC in July and yet the X Factor and Strictly have come back so it's basically Christmas now. I've been really enjoying watching a film on a Saturday night with Joss and we watched The Drop with Tom Hardy and the cutest dog ever last weekend which was really good. I also saw It in the cinema which I mentioned in my Friday Favourites yesterday which was a curious decision for someone who hates horror movies. Obvs TV has been ace of late, Gogglebox is back, GBBO is back (and not shit) and Dr Foster is SO GOOD. Ok so the second series isn't as good as the first but I binge watched the first in a week and it was just incredible. And now I think the Apprentice is back next week which I am buzzing for. 

What I Worked On; 

I'm just about starting to get my Christmas commissions in now. I am finishing up on a book for someone and this week I've had my first few Christmas card emails come through. If you do want a personalise print, set of cards or gift for a family member for Christmas it's never too early to get your orders in - in fact it makes my job much easier! You can visit my website here or email me at gwennanrees@gwennanreesillustration.com and send me your idea (however unrefined) and I'll drop you a quote. In shop news my bloggers mug came back in stock, I created these sassy lil motivational cards and I have finalised my Christmas card colour scheme so it'll be on to design and printing in the next few weeks. 

What I Journaled;

I mentioned in last month's round up that I was only 100 pages left in my bujo and so I cut out master to do lists. I had still been creating them every week but in the last few times I did it I didn't find them so useful? So I cut them out which saved space and I haven't felt tempted to create them again so that's all good. As well as my normal calendar, habit tracker and weekly spreads I did include a few new layouts. I designed my blog schedule for the month but then so much changed it's all covered in pink sticky notes now which brings a lil colour my journal isn't used to. Going away with the girls meant a few useful pages like directions to Sarah's house and the party barn, a packing list and a list of things to take for Mel's surprise birthday! I have also outlined my own Autumnal Photo Challenge which I am slowly ticking off and have rather prematurely outlined my Christmas blog series which I am pretty excited about. I said this month I wanted to include a new bujo post every week so we have the following; How to draw simple banners | Free printables for Autumn | What to include in your bujo for university | Will the bullet journal trend stick? 

What I Blogged;

At reflection on last month when it was over I felt like I wasn't massively happy with my schedule. I felt like it was all a bit samey with all these big life and blog questions so I really considered how my content sat next to eachother and I'm so much happier with it. There was obviously a lot of content geared around my weekend away which I linked above and I also wrote a homeware post every week of the month - my fav being my kitchen post because it gave me the opportunity to pretend to be an architect. I wrote some fun posts this month, my fav being this one on girl things I can't do but I also had some help from my blog gang at the beginning of the month on how NOT to use Twitter. But my favourite post to write this month was this ranty one on living in the moment. Whilst I don't think I quite got my vibe across, a lot of you seemed to get it and relate to it. 

What I Bought; 

I was shockingly skint when I came home from the bloggers weekend away and lived off a cheeky £4.76 until I was paid the third week of the month so I didn't spend a lot. But then job cash came in and I went shopping with my Mum and I wanted to get my hands on some essentials for Autumn. I have a real problem with fashion in that I know what I like, I know what suits and I won't stray from that because I know it makes me confident. So last week when I donned an A line skirt I've had in my wardrobe for ages and paired it with tights, a knit and chelsea boots and I was like "this is my outfit for Autumn". I never wears skirts of dresses so to wear one I felt confident in I was like ok I need 10. That's just how my fashion sense works. I outlined exactly what I got in my Friday Favs with links but I snapped up some jumpers, 2 skirts and a pair of shoes just to be on the safe side.....

Here's to my favourite month (and if you want to send me a pressie on the 17th thats fine)















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